Ratio Technology 12s Ultegra Cassette compatability

For 12 speed mechanical fans who are thinking of doing a Ratio 12 speed conversion, I just got an email back that Ratio is in the middle of producing an Ultegra compatible kit and should be available in a month.

At least here in Germany the Ultegra Cassettes can be had for €90 compared to Force Cassettes for €180 - that and at least in my case no new free hub required, so kind of a big deal.



Really? Joy! Front page news for a card carrying Ultegra mechanical drivetrain holdout.


This would be huge. I’ve got two Ultegra mechanical groupsets and one 105 one on bikes and it’d be great to have the upgrade option in the future given that Shimano aren’t interested in continuing with high end mechanical shifting.

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@Driventomadness this is to use a 12 speed Ultegra cassette with Sram shifters and mechs?

Is the spacing different enough with 12 speed Ultegra and SRAM that it requires a different conversion kit?

Certainly with 11 speed you can easily mix and match with Shimano and SRAM. One of the main reasons I’m so reluctant to move from 11 speed.

Ahhh sorry, I should have been more clear. It’s only for SRAM shifters which will now also work with the Ultegra 12s cassette.

There were mixed reviews from folks using Shimano 12s cassettes with the Ratio kits in the past. Some had ok shifting while others complained of missed shifts. I assume Ratio will be releasing a new cable fin to twerk the ratio ever so slightly.

Sign me up for it If it does in fact shift accurately. 12-spd without a ridiculous 10-tooth cog and proprietary chain/freehub is music to my ears. I’ve been considering going with Campy Chorus or Record, but was concerned about my frame’s semi-internal cable routing creating too much friction for the sensitive Campy shifters/cables.

Deep sadness … life goes on.

That is the best bike-related thing i’ve read in a looooooooooong time :slight_smile:

Will they then also release chainrings to go with the kit? Because SRAM chainrings are made for a flattop chain. And that chain will not work with the Shimano cassette.

I was considering Chorus until the exact moment that I saw how expensive Campy cassettes were.

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I think it will just work with existing Shimano compatible chains and chainrings.

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I read this as 11spd sram converted to 12spd and compatible with an ultegra r8100 cassette. So no flat top chains, no xdr drivers and no tiny chainrings :smiling_face_with_tear: