Rear Facing Bike Cameras or Camera & Light. Is there an alternative to the Fly6?

Same situation here. I like the idea of a ride camera for both front and rear, but the short battery life is a liability.
The Fly12CE is 5hours max if you baby the battery…turning off/low at the climbs or daytime. Even then, the runtime is not dependable. I wish that the unit has a provision for replaceable batteries.
Remember that batteries lose capacity over time and it’s a shame to throw away perfectly good electronics (lights, cameras,sensors) because of an internal battery that refuses to hold a charge.
This is not the same as compute electronics like phones which lose compute performance over time because software engineers do. It always optimize their code.
My previous go-to high intensity light is the Fly12, which is not good since I tend to rarely use the ride-cam feature I order to preserve battery charge.
I have recently purchased the Fenix BC30v2. Maybe this would be a better high-intensity light. It features a replaceable battery compartment using either two 18650 rechargeable cells or four CR123 primary cells.

I have the Tooo Cycling camera. It’s in stock, I got it in 6 days. I didn’t want a Fly6 because of the bad reputation the company has.

First impression is good. Construction seems good, solid. I didn’t test how waterproof it is, I live in Southern California (permanent drought), but I think it should be able to withstand rain. I’d be a little concern about the rubber flap covering the USB-C port – it’s a bit flimsy. If it were to detach itself, the USB-C port would be directly exposed to water spray from the tire.

Video quality didn’t impress me much initially, by default the camera saves 1080p30 in TS format. I switched it to 1080p60 in MP4 and it’s better. It’s nowhere near my HERO5 Session, but as a rear safety camera, I think it’s good enough. I still have to try 1080p/30 in MP4.

Battery life is phenomenal, I left it overnight to record in 1080p60 (without the flasher) and it ran for over 7 hours. It should do even better in 1080p30.

The flasher is allegedly 80 lumens and didn’t impress me at all, but I’m biased. I use a DS-500 rear light so there’s nothing on earth that would impress me. In any case, it’s not powerful enough as a daylight safety light.

Price is $195 with a 128GB SD card. I don’t think it’s worth much more that $100, but the Fly6 is even more expensive.

So far, I like it. Time will tell how reliable it is.


Garmin Varia RCT715

~$400 USD


From DC Rainmaker’s review….

Unfortunately, the final product birthed from those two ideas doesn’t quite seem to be what we were hoping for. Or perhaps, our collective expectations and assumptions were too high. To spoil much of this review, at best, it’s a frustrating and confusing experience for a $400 product – filed with endless caveats. While the radar continues to be excellent, and the core camera recording bits also seem dependable – it’s everything after that point that becomes a mess. From a myriad of confusing and overlapping options, to gotchyas on which bike computers are compatible, to an app that’s impossibly slow to use

Think I am gonna wait a bit on this one. :woozy_face:


Hmmm, sounds like a Fly6 all over again.
Yeh, lets give this a raincheck until all the issues are resolved.

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Still the best idea / application of having rear view capabilities……

Found a video review of the Tooo Cycling VR80. The video is in French and the auto-translations are a little wonky, but is pretty good overall and decently in-depth.

It’s not as pretty as the Cycliq Fly6, either the CE or the Gen 2 versions, but it has the longer battery life and at least equivalent image quality that Fly6 users have wanted.

What it does not have is ANT+ or Bluetooth connectivity. So it won’t turn on automatically when you start your head unit or connect to form a light network with a supported head unit.

I did have a chuckle at the end of the video where the reviewer held up the VR80 and a Garmin Varia and pressed them together while saying what he’d love is a combination of the two. And we did get that in the new Garmin RCT715, just not well done.

But I’m seriously looking at this as a replacement for my Cycliq Fly6CE. The image quality and extended battery life (8+ hours) are everything I wanted in an improved Fly6, especially if you’re not wanting or needing the Varia’s radar capabilities.