Recommended Tubebless Tire for Bontrager Rims

I currently have a bike with Bontrager Aeolus carbon wheels, and it was a beast to mount Conti GP 5000 tubeless on them. (took 3 people to mount a tire).

Does anyone have recommendations.
I don’t race, just do 100+ km weekend rides, and average about 7000 km\year


Pirelli P Zero Race TLR are great around tyres.

In my experience, no other tubeless tyre has come close to the ordeal that was mounting the GP5000 TL’s.

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Thanks for the suggestion I will look into those ones.


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Awesome, i will check them out

Sorry, let me clarify…they are great tires, but they give Conti’s a run for the money as far as difficulty to mount. If you goal is easy mounting, these are probably NOT the tires you want to try!

I’ll be that guy, sorry: if his goal is easy mounting and no faffing about he’d use tubes.


Nah…I’ve had just as much trouble mounting tube tires onto tubeless rims as I have had with tubeless.

Not sure what your experiences are but I’ve found that when you know what you’re doing and it’s not a GP5000, a tubeless tyre is as quick to install as a tubed tyre, if not quicker.


As the OP, it took three of us at a bike shop to mount the GP5000s, these guys have a lot of experience

I have Bontrager Aeolus Pro 37 carbon wheels and used the process in the following video when I installed 28mm GP5000 TL’s. I had two layers of DT Swiss rim tape and was surprised how easy it was - I was expecting a battle. I also tried with the Bontrager plastic rim strips, which are a little thicker than rim tape, and it was more difficult to install the tires, but I was still able to do it myself. For reference, this was only the second time I’ve installed tubeless tires on any wheel, so I think the technique in the video was the key.

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Thanks, maybe it was the batch of gp5000 that I had

The above video was good, going over the basic point that you start at the end opposite to the valve, and work towards the valve, while trying to keep the tire edges as far down into the center of the rim, thereby requiring as little stretch as possible–many folks miss that basic point. The only thing I would do differently is wear gloves–I found that gloves give you even more push and pull power, without the pain at the fingertips and nails that often arises–as he did, once I figured out the “opposite the valve technique” I’ve never had to use levers to put tires on the rim (still necessary taking them off).

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Bontrager are known to have some nice tires (at least their MTB tires are really nice), have you tried their road tubeless offering. My best is they are well tested on the their rims.

Thanks for all the responses. I went with the Pirelli Cinturato and they installed like a regular tire