Red eTap Battery Issues

Oh boy. This simplest variant of “green when not charging” is really quite counter-intuitive.

Interesting thread. Knowing a little bit about battery technology outside of the bike world would make me guess that Guy is right, and that the issue is with your charger. Do you have any friends with a charger for the original eTap system? Or do the original batteries work with new chargers?

I must admit, I’ve never run out of battery power on my SRAM Apex drivetrain :wink:

Hope you get the problem solved soon, and for as little money as possible. This sounds frustrating.

So, interesting thing happened yesterday that applies to this forum… getting ready to ride some dirt and checked the batteries on my mountain bike. The battery for my Reverb showed red when I pushed the button so I tossed it on the charger and pulled out the spare, which also showed red when installed on the post. Turned around and in the 90 seconds or so it had been on the charger, the original battery was now showing green. Reinstalled that battery and it now showed green on the post as well. Swapped back to the spare battery and it also showed green on the post, after not having even been plugged into the charger. Just for comparison’s sake, I swapped those two batteries and the rear derailleurs battery through both the rear derailleur and the post and they all showed green on both devices now.

It’s been probably a month since I rode the mountain bike so there may just be something wonky related to leaving it unattended for extended periods… or maybe just that it was out in the cold garage and needed a minutes to warm up the circuits or something. Probably wouldn’t have thought much of it if I hadn’t seen this post previously but something I’ll keep an eye on now.

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You should check the firmware version of your components. There have been several recent updates and, if I remember correctly, the one a couple of releases ago addressed a battery reporting issue. You can update using the AXS app.

I’m actually in the beta tester group for AXS so I’ve been on 2.32.0 for the Reverb and the derailleur for a few weeks now, although the 2.32.0 isn’t public release for the rear derailleur yet.

I am also in that group.

What dongle did you get with your ETap? I got it OEM on my road bike and dont recall getting a dongle?
I can’t imagine it’s actually any use for anything, given that SRAM abandoned us and brought out an entirely new system rather than updating firmware on the old stuff. :cry:

Hi David,

In the Red eTap upgrade box. Derailleurs, shifters, batteries, a charger, cables, and this.

I think it was meant for firmware upgrades, but none were ever pushed out.


I’ve been off that bike for a few days (I was replacing the shifter hoods & accidentally ordered Red mechanical hoods but mine were so clapped out they tore when removing them.) so there’s no update but I’m going to long charge everything & try again. I haven’t ordered the new battery yet.

(Basically I’m updating my nothingness. Don’t read this post.)


I had the same problem and what I came up with is, it’s the charger that isn’t working properly. I did a little “technical tap” on the counter with it and it started work properly. Hope this helps

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Oh! I haven’t tried the old tap-a-roo.

Stay tuned.

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My e-tap 11sp battery charger is very finicky. The lights on it don’t show anything 3/4 the time. Tapping it sometimes helps. My routine is to leave each battery on the charger for 6-8 hours. They seem to get charged and I can double-check by pressing the buttons on the derailleurs and seeing the charge indicator there.

Side note - I always wanted a Sram online community to discuss all things Sram-related. A subReddit, discuss, or discord would be great. There is r/sram but it’s very small (11 members) and not active. I’ve been curious how interested others would be in this. Or, is posting Sram questions on various cycling forums (I’ve seen them here and on the TrainerRoad forum) good enough?

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Strong persuasion works! Yay!


I certainly want to say I’m interested – I am – but I know I wouldn’t spend time there unless there was an issue.

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I sometimes have to take the battery out of the charger and clip it into the charger again to get the charging light to come on

I tried removing it & replacing multiple times with no luck. In the end I had to use persuasion (read: tapping against a wall) & it worked. :person_shrugging:t2: