Replacement bearings for a Chris King BB

I have a Chris King English threaded bottom bracket and the bearings need replacing. My LBS usually use Endura bearings but they are not sure if they are suitable for CK BBs and I’m struggling to find out if they are. I’ve also tried to get CK bearings but with no luck. Can anyone advise?

All the King BBs I have had in the past use bearings made by King. Yours may be different but I got bearings directly from them. Also, the bearings are completely serviceable. You just remove the seals , flush them out, regrease.


Yeah, what @David_Walker said. Like King hubs, the whole point of the King BB is that is uses Chris King’s house made, serviceable bearings. It would be very unusual for them to need replacement - they are fully and fairly easily serviceable.

If they need replacement, you should contact Chris King for availability.

And you should probably take the BB to a shop that is a lot more familiar with CK. As a wheelbuilder, I’ve seen a lot of permanent damage done to CK hubs from incorrect service and adjustment. (Nothing that couldn’t be fixed with replacement small parts, but still damage that should never have occured).


I’d also question why they need replacing.
As the others have mentioned, the whole reason you pay top dollar for CK parts is their bearings. (and of course the pretty colours :wink: )

So unles you’ve don 50,000km+ on them, they’re likely servicable. Here’s a vid on how to:

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