Replacing Pedals

I’m going to replace my Shimano r500 pedals. They have like 5 years or more.

It’s worth upgrading to r7000 o r8000 pedals?

I’m an amateur, social rides, I train 4-5 times per week and do around 7000-8000 km per year.

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IMO r8000 pedals last longer, my last set got about 67,000km before the drive side bearings gave up the ghost. The replacement set is at 19,000km (so far).
Previously I’d used 105 pedals and they’d last about 45,000km.
My son has R500 pedals on his bike and while he does far fewer km, I get the feeling they aren’t built to last.

I must admit I’m fairly shoddy at servicing pedals :wink:


Shimano pedals are the business. The exception is the ones with the plastic cleat platform. It wears down quickly. If you have Shimano pedals with the metal platform, they should last many 10,000kms. They are serviceable too (with the plastic Shimano tool), but I’ve never really found that very necessary unless you’re riding through water.

You can upgrade to R8000 etc. but you will go exactly 0.000 km/h faster


When you say “worth upgrading” how do you define being worth it? Better pedals will be lighter and a bit fancier but SPD-SL is SPD-SL so they’re not really going to offer you anything more than that in terms of function on the day to day riding basis. If you can afford it and want something lighter and fancier, go for it. I’ve been on the same pair of PD-R9100’s since 2017 and they’re still faultless, just service them before and after every winter and they’ve been entirely drama free… That said, if I was riding a much cheaper set of pedals I don’t expect it would impact my riding one bit.

Shimano have basically nailed the design where the spindle is well protected from the elements. Very little goes wrong with them in my experience.


Get 105 pedals, only grab the Ultegra ones if there’s a good deal about and they don’t cost much more. There’s literally no performance difference between the two.

Both are brilliant pedals and you won’t go wrong with either of them.


“Worth” is a subjective criteria…depends on your goals / desires.

They definitely won’t make you faster, but will probably last longer. When you break it down to a use / $$ ratio, though both are extremely cheap.

One thing worth mentioning is that if you do upgrade, in addition to better bearings, you’ll also get a stainless axle. I know my old 105 pedals (from my tri days) got surface ruse on the spindles eventually. Didn’t really affect performance, just aesthetics.


If you can just buy DA, they’re just better!

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Not even gonna lie… 90% of the reason I ride DA pedals is because they match the rest of my groupset. I’ve ridden 105’s and Ultegra’s and if there was a way to blind test them, I 100% could not tell you which was which. DA are fancier for sure but I’d be hard pressed to keep a straight face claiming they’re better.


Don’t be afraid to buy a lightly used set of Shimano pedals as well. I bought a pair of used DAs five or six years ago and only now had to regrease them. (Although I probably deferred that maintenance by a year more than I should have.)


That’d be a good 'try out that (blind test), ive done new 105’s and ultegras - yes their was a difference, ya can feel the lower stack, difficult to define some may say it’s all mental but for me they’re (DA’s) a classic that delivers, i found the 105’s had a rough feel on the movement and where high. Ultegras, yes similar to DA but the bearings are smoother and you can feel the rigidness of the added needle bearing if you ride blue or red cleats. Im extremely fussy on pedals and tried Speedplay (pre wahoo) and although the ideaolgy is very good bits of that design is off, size of it - a major factor, go from them too an spd-sl and you’ll feel you’re on a cruise ship compared to a canoe. Looks are weird the grey cleats are too much movement the red crazy and the black not enough tho if you can like the cleats and buy the Ti’s they’re SUPER light

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Yeah I had trouble with the float on the cleats for my Dura-Ace when I had them. Agree they’re durable pedals, unfortunately the feel of the cleat float is awful. I went back to TIME, the XPRO’s have a nice smooth float and are proving to be much better than the prior models.

I don’t quite a lot of time on Time and they’re the best ergonomic pedal around, the unique white Equipes then the RSX variants… then they changed to nows design though they’ve always had a great pedalling dynamic!

Unfortunately some previous models went to a bushing/bearing combo rather than full bearings and some had cleats durability issues but the XPRO’s are full bearings and I’ve not had any cleat issues.

I would have stuck with Shimano if the cleat float felt better.

My experience with shimano pedals has been uniformly excellent: I’ve never had anything posher than 5800 for the road bikes, but the ancient, worn, bottom of-the-range jobbies worked flawlessly for winter after winter. I never once did any servicing on any of them - same goes for their mtb pedals. (This is coming from a Campag nerd too :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:)

I’ve recently got Assiomas however, so have switched to Keo compatible across the board. Wish I’d bought shimano compatible :roll_eyes:

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If you don’t wish to stay with the crowd, MKS pedals have beautiful bearings and generally great design. Stay away from the sealed models.

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Just to check - what do you mean by cleat platform? If you mean the pedal body, then aren’t 105 through DA all composite bodies with metal wear plates either molded in or screwed on? (The latter are potentially replaceable, but Shimano may not offer them as a replacement part.)

I’m honestly not sure I’ve heard of the pedal bodies being susceptible to wear in general. I know some people on one forum I’m on have said they think that the yellow cleats (6 deg float) seemed to wear out either the front retention bar relatively fast, although I can’t corroborate.

I meant the wear plate.

The ones to get are the PD-R7000. Basically same as the Ultegra but non polished axle and one fewer Aluminium wear plate. Weight not much higher than the more expensive models but price much lower.

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as per your mention, you like social rides.
Is worthed to upgrade to r8000 because of its fancier looks. BTW have you also take a look the look pedal also or others?