Ride suggestions for Aalborg, Denmark

It looks like I’m heading to Aalborg in a couple weeks for work, and I may be able to squeeze in some riding. I won’t have my bike, so I’d be renting something in town and heading out from there.

Any suggestions for places to rent from or places to ride? I’m up for pretty much any kind of riding as long as I can leave from the city.

No idea what my schedule will be like when I’m there, but I’ll be happy with just about anything I can get!

I never managed to get any riding in on that first trip, but I’m just wrapping up a second trip where I had better luck.

I rented a bike from FlexiFix, which is primarily a used bike dealer with a few rentals as well. I ended up with a 2008 Giant Defy with a 2x8 Shimano groupset, which was the only large size road bike they had. While it’s not exactly modern or top of the line, it was in good mechanical condition, and it only set me back 600 DKK / $80 USD for 17 days. The price included lights, tube and pump, and a lock.

I’m glad most of the roads around Aalborg are very smooth, because the all aluminum bike (frame, fork, seatpost - not one bit of carbon fiber) and 23 mm Scwalbe Duranos wasn’t exactly a smooth ride. I still had a blast though. I rode the 8 km from the hotel to job site most days and had time for a few longer rides as well.

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I had time for a couple of fun rides during my stay. I used udinaturen.dk to find cycle routes. (The site is down at the moment, hopefully only temporary.) It has a fairly comprehensive map of all of the designated routes in Denmark and also shows where public restrooms are.

A couple of warnings with that site - some of the restrooms on the map were non-existent or closed, and it’s not easy to tell if a cycle route is a separate paved trail, lane on a street, quiet rural road, or even a gravel road. I ended up on a couple of segments where my 23 mm tires were a lot smaller than I would have liked.

My first ride took me east from Aalborg to Egense, about a 70 km loop. (I had intended on just going for 30 km or so, but it was a beautiful day so I just kept going…) The route took me on long stretches of railways that were converted to bikeways and up to the mouth of the Limsfjorden.

The other long ride took me to the opposite coast. (I’ve always wanted to do a coast-to-coast ride, and that’s so much easier in northern Denmark. :slight_smile: ) I followed the northern short of the Limsfjorden and then headed north up to Kollerup Strand. The return involved a long segment of gravel, although luckily it was smooth and well compacted. This also ended up a bit longer than I expected at 150 km.

Overall, cycling in Denmark was wonderful, in spite of the sometimes wet and windy weather. As an American, it was truly eye opening to see such a large network of cycle routes both in the city and countryside.