Ride Suggestions for Denver, Colorado Area, March 2022

Hi all,

I recently posted about suggestions for clothing to wear on Mt Evans in March, and it turns out this might not be the best idea (the summit road is probably closed due to snow).

I’m traveling to Denver for a conference from March 14th to around the 19th, and would love to get at least one good ride in.

Could anyone recommend some of the best routes to take in the Denver area in mid March?

All the best, and many thanks,


Here is a ride from downtown Denver to Lookout Mountain and back.

Here is a ride from Golden up to Evergreen and down to Morrison.

Both will be accessible in March (barring fresh snowfall). Just be carful on the descents due to sand n the roads


Thanks HD!


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I used to live in Arvada (near Golden) and Lookout Mtn (on both routes) was my go-to ride. Kinda steep at the bottom and then mellows out when you hit the switchbacks. Great views as you climb abd from the top.

Those two rides look good. Personally the Golden-Evergreen-Morrison loop would be my choice.

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Agreed….but I wanted to give him an option form downtown, not knowing if he would have a car.

You could also combine the two rides into one big enchilada. :sunglasses:

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Thanks HD and Mike Williams!


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