Rim tape width for 24 mm inner rim width

Since I can’t seem to find a 24 mm wide tape would 21 mm suffice ? For tubeless setup on Dt Swiss Gr 1600 spline wheels

I recently did my HED Belgium + rims, 21mm inner width with 25mm Muc-Off tape. Ideally you want to stretch it a bit and also allow for some extra width for the tape to sit in the channel of the rim.

I’d personally be going for 28mm in your case.

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You’re going to need wider tape, ideally it needs to be 2-3mm wider than the inner rim bed but 25mm would work fine:

I’ve found Tesa tape works perfectly, it’s a lot cheaper than the stuff from cycling brands and you get a lot more on a roll.

Just to elaborate. If you go narrower than wall to wall (hooked inner width + 3-4mm) you’re gonna have a whole host of (potential) issues.

Your tape might peel if you ever have to unseat the tire. You might lose air/sealant under the tape, into the spoke holes. No fun, especially if your spoke nipples seal the rim chamber.

The tire might be more difficult to slide over the bead retention ridge.

The tire won’t sit as snugly on the bead seat. More tape = effectively larger diameter rim = better seal.

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Thanks for the responses, appreciated

The folks at Park Tool have recently put up a video about installing tubeless tyres. Includes a section on this rim tape point; all per the replies in this thread but still worth a few mins of your time.