Road training and light racing tire recommendation outside of Continental?

Hi, I’m in kind of a pickle, I used the Vittoria Rubino Pro G+ for a number of years as a training tire (my race wheels have Vittoria Corsa and Challenge Criterium tubulars) the first gen did everything I wanted, it was durable, impact resistant, could grip well, and could roll well enough to deliver a 55 minute 40k TT in a pinch. Vittoria re-did the compound of the tire and it now is awful. For context I went through three of them and all had similar failure/puncture modes. I genuinely dislike the grip level of the GP 5000 and will not use those. Does anyone have a suggestion for a 25-26mm wide road tire that grips well, is durable, and can take fast group riding/crit racing without being horrendously slow?

No need for tubeless since my training wheelset is not compatible and 100% of my riding is on road. So far I’ve tried the Schwalbe Pro One (used 3 of them, great tires but they all had lumps in them and were pretty expensive), Challenge Strada (didn’t do well with expansion cracks and an open tubular is way to prone to unrepairable puncture), and the Specialized Turbo Pro/S-Works turbo pro (this tire worked okay, I had to buy an S-Works version last time because I was in a pinch and couldn’t order online and that tire punctures constantly). I’m open to try anything I can order online I know the major brands but as you can imagine never really dug into the all around training/racing tire market since the G+ came around in ~2015 and there are a lot of new players/products on the market.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

I’ve had good experiences with Pirelli tyres, both tubeless and with tubes. Good grip, roll well and seem pretty good when it comes to puncture proofing.

The P Zero Race would be worth a look at, either in tube or tubeless formats.

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Vittoria Corsa Control


Michelin Power Road


Nah. Corsa Control is only viable if you go TL IMO.

Well, you could try sealant + tube. That works decently against minor thorns.

Also OP explicitly says he doesn’t want corsa 2.0

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Your opinion is wrong, and road tubeless is trash. :man_shrugging:

He never “explicity says he doesn’t want corsa 2.0” either, he says he was unhappy with Rubino Pro G+, which to be fair are pretty trash. The Rubino is a 150tpi nylon casing that rides like shit, the Controls are a 320tpi corespun that rides excellently.

Feel free to share your opinions but don’t @ me when you don’t have anything to say.

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Try the Pirelli PZero Race - you should be able to pick up a set of 26mm in the tube type version at most online retailers.
I’m running the tubeless, but had the tubed versions previously.
Personally have had pretty good durability out of them, and I think they ride better than the Conti GPs


Using GP5000 TL these days, but if you really don’t want them… why not try Corsa Control?

A bit sturdier version of the normal Corsas which you like might be just the ticket for a training tire which is good.

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Corsa Control TL for me :sparkling_heart:


Just to add, I’m using 27mm Vittoria Paves right now which are basically the previous version of Corsa Controls. I really like them and Wiggle are currently selling them for £22 each which to me is a bargain.

A good cheap option if you don’t care for road tubeless.


I don’t agree, or to be more accurate, it depends.

For 25c tyres, I’d still use a tube, as the high pressure and small air volume in a 25c tyre will a) make it hard for the sealant to work and b) pretty much leave you with a flat anyway, as so little air has to escape.

At 32c, a good quality TL tyre/rim interface works very well and offers significantly more puncture protection, as well as allowing you to run lower pressures for greater grip and comfort (on poorer roads).

At 28 and 30, the jury’s out IMO.

I think if you’re regularly riding poorer surfaces (UK rural lanes are a great example), and are using larger tyres, then the advantages of TL outweigh the downsides. On better surfaces with narrower tyres, I’d stick with tubes.

In any case, the OP doesn’t have tubeless compatible rims, so it’s moot, really.


You could give the Kenda Valkyrie Pro a try. It works excellent for me.

Just “lower” your expectations, or come to grips with reality–just about nothing is going to “beat” Conti GP 5000 from any perspective–some, suggested above, come close to equaling it some situations, but no tire presently available is going to hands down beat it.

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Well, quite - that pretty much nails it.

Pro Ones set up easier (especially tubeless) and are a bit more supple, but are less grippy and more fragile. Supposedly they’re slower too, but I maintain if you think you can genuinely feel c.1w RR difference per tyre, you’re fooling yourself.

Power Road: 95% as good IMO, and a bit cheaper, but the GP5000 edges it.

Corsas have a lovely ride feel, are very grippy, and seem quick, but in the UK they’re puncture magnets. Ditto Turbo Cottons.

I like the Hutchinson Fusion 11s, but I’ve only ridden them tubeless.

The PZeros seem popular round here, but then again so do Schwalbe Ones, which after a sidewall blowout, are firmly on my never again list.

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Pirellis shouldn’t be all that different from Hutchinsons, as they come from the same factory. Has Pirelli developed a completely new compound, only to have it manufactured by Hutchinson, I doubt it.

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Yeah, I agree with all that actually… for me, the cutoff is right around 60psi. If you’re running less than 60psi then tubeless is viable, but if you’re over 60psi it’s garbage marketing hype. So, for me, it’s purely a dirt technology. Even on 32’s I’m running 64/66 psi front and rear, I don’t flat nearly enough for the pinch flat reduction to be a plus, and I think a good high tpi clincher with latex tube gives better road feel than a tubeless tire… so I have no interest in road tubeless.

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There are several tires that hands down beat the GP5000, and I say that even being a fan of the GP5k… that’s the silliest thing I’ve seen on this forum.


Such as? Genuinely interested in this.

From just tires I currently own… turbo cottons, p zeros, and corsa’s.

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Interesting; I’ve owned/ridden the TCs and the Corsas and wouldn’t put either above the GP5000 for road training/light racing. Sure, both have better ride feel and are less of a pig to fit, but neither is as grippy, especially in the wet, both are pretty fragile, and they last 5 minutes. Ultimately both are IMO a real race day/summer best tyre, whereas the GP5000 is getting pretty close to a tyre you can use year-round.

The TT bike is currently running some Corsas, and that’s where they shine for me. If I puncture in a 10/25 it’s game over anyway, and it’s hardly a high mileage bike, either. Though given that bike has seen the outdoors about 10 times in the last 18 months, I might as well have had cheap tyres on it…

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