Road training and light racing tire recommendation outside of Continental?

GP5k’s are a great jack of all trades, but they don’t really excel in any area. If I’m running a tire for winter, I’ll run corsa controls and get better grip, life, and feel… if I’m running a summer/race tire then tc’s, pz’s, or corsa’s are all better options. If someone wanted to run one tire all year long and wasn’t super picky about road feel, they’re a fine choice.

The Michelin Power Road TS clincher tire. They have a great ride quality, super durable, are a fast tire, and pretty cheap.
You can get them on BTD for usually less than 48 bucks. That’d be my recommendation. Ive used them this past year, and love em


The Continental stuff is very good. The GP5000 TL is my “Heavy” race and training tire. I use it in 28 mm on ENVE rims and it is good even for light gravel that sometimes gets mixed into road races these days. I think Road Tubeless is good-the Conti’s are easy to set up (with compressor, valve cores out etc).

I have been surprised and had good luck with the specialized Cotton Turbos with latex tubes. I though they would be essentially disposable race tires but I have gotten good use out of them and they are a great rolling setup with great traction. They are definitely not gatorskins…I am also a light 140lbs guy and use them in the dry only.

I have not had as good a luck with the Schwalbe products. They just feel a little stiff and dead to me.

If I were to have on setup it would be 28 mm Conti 5000TLs set up tubeless with sealant. They just work.

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Do you have some reason to denigrate everything I say, in particular–some axe to grind? Why attack people, instead of providing substantive support for your allegations–if there are better tires, hands down, for Conti GP 5000s, across the board, in all situations–name them, and tell us why–instead of repeatedly shooting the messenger, why not deal substantively, with the message? Why not also attack the message that followed mine, which agreed with my statement? Was that too, the “silliest thing” you’ve seen? Lighten up, and direct your energy elsewhere–beyond the members here.



You said that the op should:

“Just “lower” your expectations, or come to grips with reality–just about nothing is going to “beat” Conti GP 5000 from any perspective–some, suggested above, come close to equaling it some situations, but no tire presently available is going to hands down beat it.”

And now you wanna cry about being denigrated and feeling attacked… but I need to lighten up? :rofl:

Eat a snickers and stop being such a Karen… Pretending the GP5k is the pinnacle of tires and “just about nothing is going to beat” it in from ANY perspective is silly, at best. As for dealing “substantively” with the message, I did… next time try reading all the comments before throwing a tantrum.

To recap the Cliff’s Notes version for you, GP5k are a solid if mediocre tire that does everything passably well but nothing really will and a large number of tires, including those I mentioned, do many things better than them… hence pretentious nothing can beat them from any perspective is silly.

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Vittoria Corsa’s are considered a bit of a joke round this part of England as they are puncture magnets, I think it’s the tread that catches flints and allows them to work their way into the tyre.

Veloflex Corsa’s on the other hand, maybe not winter tyres but they have a lovely ride feel.

I’ll throw my vote for the Corsa Control as well, mated to the fantastic Silca latex tubes. Yes, there’s a premium, yes they need to be inflated ahead of every ride, but you never get the pressure wrong, and they last a lifetime when treated right. A small disclaimer though, never use in carbon rims with rim brakes.

Rim brake carbon wheels are the one option where tubeless is king

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Hint of hyperbole there!

I think there’s a fair consensus that the GP5000 are the gold-standard all-rounders. I will happily concede that there are tyres with better road feel, there may be tyres with a fraction of a watt less RR, and there are certainly easier tyres to fit, but they near-universally test as fast as pretty much anything that isn’t a TT tyre, have superb levels of grip, and for a race tyre have excellent durability and puncture resistance.

If that kind of all-round quality is mediocre, then I’ll settle for mediocre all day.


+1. Try getting through a northern-France winter with any other race tyre than a GP5000 and tell me what you found (hint: punctures). Many people around me have tried Specialized, Vittoria and other praised race tyres, and have all come back to Conti for their all-around quality.


The only issue I have with GP5000’s is they aren’t as supple as other tyres with cotton sidewalls which is to be expected from a vulcanised tyre.

However there always needs to be a compromise made somewhere and lots of riders are happy to compromise with this and have all the benefits of the GP5000 which have been outlined by other posts.


In my experience, the GP4000 was grippier and more puncture-resistant than the GP5000. The 5000 has a harder compound that doesn’t cut up like the 4000 did, and presumably lasts longer but simply does not inspire the same level of confidence. The “gold standard” of road tyres was, until recently, the Pirelli P-Zero - superb grip, road feel, durability and decent puncture resistance through the tread … but vulnerable through the sidewall. What the newer Road/Race model Pirellis are like I don’t know. Just my 2c.


I find that the 5000 has less of a dead road feel than the 4000s and esp. the 4000s2. Puncture resistance is similar IMHO. Regarding grip, I try not to find myself in a situation where I would be able to tell the difference :laughing: :sweat_smile:

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Because the Heat vs. Latex tubes issue, you say?

Yeah, the heat from the braking might cause trouble for the latex tubes. I haven’t experienced failure myself, but had a few tubes fuse to the tire casing, and generally deforming in a way coherent with heat. Returned to butyl for that wheelset, but planning to go tubeless with inserts next season.

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Cool… enjoy your mediocre tire. :man_shrugging:

I find it amusing the level of emotional investment some of y’all put into components rather than looking at them objectively. I’ve already said I like GP5k’s and that they’re a solid performer all around… but that I acknowledge the fact that they don’t really excel in any area and that a large number of tires perform better, y’all act like I just said your wife’s ugly and your momma can’t cook.


Don’t want to engage in a personal discussion but you were the one calling GP5000s “mediocre”. In my book (and in French it’s the same word and meaning), it means “not good enough”. Which many of us seem to think is quite an exaggeration.


I don’t think my posts were in any way emotional, or ad hominem: you’re quite welcome to point out where they were, if you disagree.

I’d politely suggest that you’re the one getting upset/childish at being disagreed with in a civilised manner.


I’ll put in a vote for Magic Yksion tires. I believe they’re made by Hutchinson. Tubeless compatible, but don’t have to be run as such. Light, great grip, and quite low RR. I’ve never had a puncture with them, and has them with decent puncture resistance.

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  1. of only moderate quality; not very good.

“a mediocre actor”

GP5k’s are of moderate quality but not very good, as I clearly stated:

GP5k’s are a great jack of all trades, but they don’t really excel in any area.

Do you have some reason to denigrate everything I say, in particular–some axe to grind? Why attack people

instead of repeatedly shooting the messenger

Why not also attack the message that followed mine

Lighten up, and direct your energy elsewhere–beyond the members here

First off, I never accused you of ad hominem so that’s just a strawman… secondly, as for getting emotional, reference the quotes above regarding your emotional perspective of being denigrated, attacked, etc. I haven’t attacked anyone here, haven’t directed my “energy” at any members here. I’ve stated an objective opinion about a tire that you have deemed the pinnacle of road bike tire technology which reigns supreme from “any perspective” and you’ve apparently become quite bothered by this difference in opinion.

Once again, for clarity, I am a fan of the GP 5000 as a generalist tire… it is a solid, if mediocre tire. Expaning upon that for your benefit, there are better options but it’s good enough for most riders and you’re unlikely to be massively disappointed by it in any particular area.

More to the point though, since the OP has explicitly identified the GP5000 as an option that he dislikes and does not want to use, I’m curious why you fans are so intent upon making this thread about the GP5000? Even bringing it up at all was a weird attack upon the OP’s preference against it. Do you work for Conti? Are you getting a royalty each time to defend their honor in a forum? Why are you directing so much “energy” in defense of a tire that the original poster excluded from his options in the opening post?