Road training and light racing tire recommendation outside of Continental?

Maybe we should just revert to the original topic of this thread.

That people talk about the Contis is probably due to them so explicitly been excluded. I run them myself, ATM, and agree that they perform well and feel faster than the Vittoria Corsas I ran before. They’re also less comfortable.

I heard good things about the Pirellis and posts in this thread have confirmed that. Goodyear’s offering has been mentioned favourably in previous reviews, too. If I had to pick from one of these, I’d probably try out the Pirellis.

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Erm, dude, the second text box you quote wasn’t me.

Apologies, I confused you with the other poster.

To me a “great jack of all trades” is not “mediocre”, but that:

  • is a vocabulary issue not a misunderstanding on what you meant
  • might be down the nuances of English vocabulary that I may miss

Discussion closed AFAIC.

Yes they are. Should be very similar to the Hutchinson Fusion (IIRC correctly Mavic even used the same compound name as Hutchinson: “11 storm”, whatever that means ^^).

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Made in Taïwan I think, but I don’t know who makes them.

Could well be CST in that case who also make Maxxis tyres

“The Inner Ring“ used to maintain a directory of cycling brands and who’s behind them. That might have offered a clue. Alas, they don’t seem to maintain it anymore. (All of which isn’t very helpful, I admit :wink: )

Edit: Some internet sleuthing revealed that the licensee is Rubber Kinetics L.L.C. They do the premium stuff, the mass market products are handled by a different company, Kent. It’S claimed that everything is developed in-house, but I wasn’t able to find out who actually makes the tires.

Interesting read, these comments. The consensus matches my experience and, if not the magic bullet the OP is looking for, is nonetheless helpful IMO:

  • if you don’t like punctures, Conti GP5000s are very very good

  • If you want really good grip and road feel, the Corsa is hard to beat

  • There are other tyres that are good but not as strongly supported at the two above.

My own experience has been Corsa allows me to corner noticeably faster but Conti punctures on average less than once a year. I flip flop between the two.


I stocked up on those when Vittoria announced that production would cease. Great tyres - better than the Controls IMO - but not long for this world

Veloflex Corsa Evo is a more robust version of the Corsa Race. Great supple tyres

we got us a live one here


What is the point of such a bullshit comment? You think I’ve never ridden the GP 5000? You think I put that headline in because I just want to be edgy and not run that specific tire? I’ve put thousands of miles on that tire in a mix of conditions. Its a rock hard tire that rolls well but in my experience corners poorly and has non-progressive/snap loss of traction when loaded in the wet it also washes/scrubs more than other tires when doing aggressive counter steering >50 mph which I do on a daily basis.

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Thank you all for the suggestions, I’m sorry for the delay, I was at a conference and too busy to even think much about cycling let alone type about it.

I ordered the Michelin Power Road as well as the Pirelli P Zero to test, thanks for the suggestion on the Corsa Control @tbro21 I had no idea Vittoria came out with this tire I think I’ll try that out once/if the vulcanized options fail me.


Colorful, with insights–thanks!!–only on the internet–enjoy hiding behind your anonymity! Very classy.

The point was a rather simple one, supported by others in case you missed that (several times), that maybe you were searching for something that doesn’t actually exist, but honestly, with an attitude like that, obviously it was not worth our time–my apologies for myself and the others that suggested as much–good luck in your search.

I’m surprised at how much money people are willing to spend on training tyres. I use much cheaper ones that many here. I have a set of GP5000s but for the money, they come out for racing only. For training, pretty much any modern tyre will do - they’re all good.

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And I’m surprised you’d race on GP5000’s… :man_shrugging:

Getting on pretty well with Hutchinson Fusions. I dig the tan wall but I like that it’s a couple shades darker than Corsas, which remain my go-to for summer.

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In my racing experience, GP 5000’s are fast if you know the course is smooth and not too technical.

If there’s plenty of technical corners or a rough road surface, I want something with a high TPI count, had good experience using Veloflex Corsa Race’s.

They are quite a long lasting tire, really. I pulled off a pair of non tubeless ones in 23F/25R with 5500km on them and judging by the remaining amount of wear they still had a good way to go, so I donated them away as I was switching to tubeless. I reckon they’d be good up to 8000km, and being that I ride about 9000km per year, riding top shelf tires all the time just isn’t prohibitively expensive for me.

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