Rohan Dennis to JumboVisma

So it was announced today that Rohan Dennis is off to JumboVisma on a 2 year deal.

What does everyone think?

Personally a little surprised he was only at Ineos for 2 years.

From a personality standpoint, he seems like a real ass, so good luck to everyone at Jumbo-Visma. From a professional standpoint, I’m guessing this move was to get him back on equipment he viewed as aerodynamically adequate.


What’s the story with the Australian team for the Worlds, are we sending anyone for the ITT?
I was surprised that Dennis wasn’t nominated, but it also wasn’t clear if they were going to add to the team.

Would love to see Jumbo roll out a team time trial squad with gold, silver, and bronze bikes for Roglic, Dennis, and Tom D.


Worst kept secret of the transfer season… pretty sure it was “known” about 2 months ago. Good luck to him

Yeah this one got leaked before the Tour. He’s very… particular. That’s I guess the nicest word I can use.


I guess if there’s a TTT at the tour in the next 2 years JV will crush.

That explains why I felt like it wasn’t news when I read it yesterday. :rofl:

Good luck to him. Really enjoyed his race at last year’s Giro but 2021 has been back to what I’ve been used to from him. Nothing amazing

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he’s obviously got stuff going on in his head. I encountered him once in Adelaide riding around before TDU start. he rolled past in formation with his BMC squad yelling at me “what are ya doing?!” as I was trying to merge right. I find him amusing. we need personalities. he couldn’t have cared less about representing the brand ‘professionally’.

I was really impressed with his ride at last years Giro, especially on the last few days - so much that I changed my view on him and put it down to him starting to perform again because he was happy in a new team who valued and pushed him to perform. I am left now looking at him in the original light again.

Remember 2019 Dennis was on Bahrain–Merida, but didn’t like the Merida ITT frame, so rode a stripped-down Pinarello @ Worlds, which he won.

Hopefully he likes Cervelo, or will Jumbo shuffle their frames with other teams again for 2022, as they did in 2021?

I’m pretty sure it was his old BMC.


Whoops – you’re right! I mis-remembered. In any case, Cervelo has been known for the performance of its time trial bikes for at least 15 years now…


I can only assume part of his motivation for going is the R&D work that Jumbo appear to be doing on aerodynamics with Dan Bigham.

It does seem odd however that Jumbo appear to have one up on Ineos on this front and it seems to have been a relatively harmonious couple of years for Rohan at Ineos. I dont think many of us will forget his performance in the 2020 Giro helping TGH.

The only reason I can see for Ineos being happy to let him go is that in the GT’s there is only room for one rider of his type and Ganna already fits that mould?

Particular or maybe “Focused”

Rohan Dennis and Rod Ellingworth cannot be in the same room from reports I’ve heard.

Dennis was happy to stay at Ineos if Ellingworth wasn’t returning.

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