Roval "Tubemess" wheels

There remains what I would describe charitably as a lack of clarity regarding Roval wheels and tire compatibility. I listened to the excellent NerdAlert podcast but still not clear regarding where this is all going. Is the consensus that they are going to release new wheels that are officially tubeless compatible (albeit with select tires) or potentially going clear prior generations of Rovals with select tires? I have been running CX50s with latex cotton 26 mm Clinchers and it is fast and sticky setup but it would be great to have a tubeless option as well.

It looks like Quickstep have been riding new Roval wheels with tubeless tyres so maybe watch this space?

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That is my gut reaction…but it will also likely piss off a lot of people who ended up buying tube-only wheels in the last year or so.

well that would be me…Buyer beware and all that but a little transparency would be nice.

I hope for previous buyers sakes they simply come out with a list of apprived tires for existing wheels…everyone has said that the wheels basically look like they are tubeless-ready and there are reports of unauthorized tubeless setups working just fine with the existing wheels.

Should be interesting to see how it plays out…QS is on tubeless wheels this weekend, so the question will certainly get raised again.