Rower recommendation needed

Any rower recommendations? My only real criteria is that it folds up to a standing position. Or I can just set it up on its end. Thanks.

Concept2. Depending where you are, there are probably a dozen or so for sale on your local Facebook Marketplace or classifieds site.


There’s a reason C2’s are the gold standard with crew teams around the world. They last forever with household use and are adjustable enough for just about anyone to get the level of workout they desire. I’ve tried Waterrowers and found that the resistance was neither like being in an actual boat, nor strong enough to provide the workout I was looking for. Some crew teams will rotate out their ergs every few years to keep them fresh, so if you’re looking for a deal I’d start there. They usually swap them out before they start to get worn out, and you’ll put far less wear on it than a team will, so there’s a good chance you’ll get a lifetime out of something that would last them a few more years at most.


I use a Waterrower with the SmartRow attachment(bluetooth interactive for workouts) and like it. It is quiet and stands up and rolls against the wall. I have no doubt that the Concept 2 is the better choice for rowing teams and gyms - I’ve used them at gyms and they work great. For home use they would be too noisy for me. I’m fairly casual rower approaching 50 years old so I find the resistance plenty for my needs. No durability issues for 10 years of ~18km/week.

As long as you’re not noise constrained, get a C2 or Rowperfect.
Everything else is hateful.

If you’re buying from a team or club, just do check that they have been maintained. Big difference between buying a machine which has been used 150k a week for 10 years vs. one which has been used lightly for a year or two (and the price does not always reflect that…)

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Waterrower. Does what you want. Easy to use and store. Looks great.

+1 for WaterRower. Looks classy, small footprint, and love the quiet sound while rowing. Concept2 rowers sound like a jet engine. Great in the gym, but not at home. But I suppose it depends on how serious you are — WaterRower metrics are not cross comparable to Concept2 metrics (unless they have improved since I bought mine).


They are what rowing teams use. What most gyms have. They last forever. Have the best community. The most support accessories and third party apps. And the most liquid market. If you decide to sell, a Concept2 rower will sell very quickly – they are the most in demand and the highest regarded.

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I went through the same process and bought a (new) Concept2 and I’m very happy. One of the advantages of it is it is quite light and breaks into two pieces, so it is much more portable than the other ergs. I’ve even taken it outside on occasion. The PM5 is great if you want to look at basic metrics as on a typical Garmin or Wahoo or whatever, and will sync with an app on your phone via Bluetooth.