RSS Feed Return

I’ve subscribed just to be able to request this back so I guess something is working :wink:

Perhaps I’m old school but I still keep up to date using RSS feeds and an RSS reader. The CyclingTips one appears to have disappeared recently - something I was sort of expecting when the the article limit paywall was introduced.

I get that you don’t want to have a full-feed public any more, but can you at least add back a full-feed for subscribers? A snippet feed for non-subscribers would be nice too for all the old schoolers like me!

It’s something other premium sites like ArsTechnica provide: RSS Feeds | Ars Technica


Perhaps RSS will make a comeback if Twitter goes down.
RSS is a much more reliable way of keeping up to date with new additions to websites you are interested in. Trawling through loads of rubbish to find the odd link to interesting content is painful.

For those that don’t know what an RSS feed is, visit How Do RSS Feeds Work? |

I have a feedburner feed in a reader that no longer works. Try: cyclingtips dot com/feed (this forum software parses the URL and causes rendering issues)

Trying that again:

Ah thanks Mark that does appear to work. Not linked anywhere that I can find so for how long who knows…

It felt weird without cycling content for 2 weeks. They almost lost me as a reader :slight_smile:
It would be fine to have the Title + leading paragraph in the feed for me as I always open the website to read the article.