Sagan NFT story deleted?

What’s the story here?

Hope it’s not legal threats.


saw that and it sucks, people won’t see my comment about him partnering with Crazy Eddie to push his trinkets.
but seriously, wonder if someone got miffed over it?


Lol specialized gonna specialized, yet another reason not to pay big corporate media!

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Do you have anything to back up your claim or are you just making stuff up?

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Well, the story is definitely no longer up…

OK….so because a story got pulled, that means that Specialzied forced CT to pull it?

Quite the leap, dontcha think?


Based on the Big S having an historical penchant for litigation…. not that big a leap. Either way, chats like this are made for loosely based based suppositions. Supposit away :grimacing:


I’d say the theory is as likely as any.

I’m going with Outside canned it due to their recent ‘Web3’ product and wanting to keep reporting about NFTs positive

Speculate away!


Oh I wasn’t saying that, I was just confirming that it was true that the story was taken down. Obviously someone’s feathers were ruffled, but I’m not trying to make an argument about who it was.


“can an NFT get more people outside?”

no, no it can’t.


I think many of us would feel a little happier if a brief explanation of the (apparent) retraction was offered. I haven’t doubted CT’s integrity since the acquisition, but transparency is important.


I’m 99% certain that Specialized wouldn’t ask to pull this article. Maybe Sagan, but damn unlikely too. The simplest and most likely explanation is that Outside didn’t see it as being favourable to their NFT project.

Not at all.

I find the whole Specialized love to sue thing pretty lazy.
They sued or attempted to sue a bike shop well over 10 years ago (which was idiotic) and now everytime someone talks about Specialized, everyone who doesn’t like Specialized acts like they are suing someone different every week.

*I don’t ride any Specialized bikes.

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