Schwalbe Tire advertised weights

I just received a new Schwalbe Thunder Burt and after hearing so much about huge weight variances from Schwalbe I was really curious how heavy the new tire would be. I immediately proceeded to put the tire on the scale. It’s a 29x2.1 Super Ground TLE Addix version.

Advertised: 560g
Actual: 610g, or right around 10% heavier

Have you guys found the advertised weights to be so misleading for Schwalbe? Funny enough R2 bike in Germany posts actual weights and their sample was even worse at 650g. I think if my tires were 200g heavier (for the pair) I’d immediately send them back :joy:

I’m sure the tyres will perform just as well even if they’re a bit heavier than advertised.

I get weight weenieism when it’s a road bike but it definitely goes out the window for me when riding the kind of terrain you’d be buying Thunder Burts for.


I think at least +/- ~10% is pretty normal? But if its ALWAYS in one direction then it really isn’t variance, it’s just misleading.

That said, with a 29x2.1 inch tire, I think rolling resistance will matter a lot more than a few grams here or there.

Did you write Schwalbe?
Tires as I’ve come to understand are more difficult to get into weight spec compard to other products.

Good points. I haven’t contacted Schwalbe yet. I think ±10% is reasonable but I’ve seen some of the newer tires are almost 20% heavier. A couple hundred grams more doesn’t sound like a lot, but somehow I feel like it’s short changing the customer.

Us cyclists are the only people around who complain about getting more for our money :wink: