Share your home workshop

Do you work on bikes at home? Share a photo of your dedicated workspace, shared family areas or packable tool kit.


I have a corner of the garage dedicated as a workspace, and it’s mainly been for bike maintenance lately. The rack and wheel truing stand are homemade and bolt to the bench. Neither are as good as the commercial options but they work well enough for my needs, and they were cheap.

Most of my bike tools are hanging on a pegboard just off to the right for easy reach.

My larger workbench has been turned into a bike part storage area. I really ought to neaten that up…


My “workshop” consists of a back of the house bike shed, where there’s an air compressor, wheel alignment tool, and lots of storage–I use this space if the weather is horrible. Most of my tools are kept in the wheeled chest, at the front of the house, where I also set up the bike stand, and use the patio to change tires, align wheels and so forth.


My only defense for the rats-nest quality of my home workshop is that it represents three decades of prioritizing riding & fixing bikes over bench upkeep. I am happy though that I eventually got the bikes, tools, gear and pain cave all squoze into a fairly tight little corner of our basement.


Looks like a well-equipped space!

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Thank you Mr Rome! A great compliment from the CT alpha mech :robot: When I stopped working in bike shops I found that I was happiest having my own close at hand.

If there’s one thing that I would recommend to the VeloClub user whose question originated this thread – or anyone trying to make a workshop double as a trainer room – it’s the Fleximounts swingarm mounted to the bench. Very handy these days now that so much good bike wrenching how-to knowledge comes in video form, and also very easy to position exactly where you want it using one hand while cranking out a TR session.

Covid project was renovating the full basement into a bike palace. Workbench with part storage below and above:

Bikes hanging on other side of room:

Kit storage and change room attached:

There’s a gym/pain cave, bathroom and laundry room as well. Honestly the best improvement to my cycling life ever.


I love it! That had to be the most beautiful workshop I’ve ever seen!

My goodness that’s impressive.

Wow, some of you guys are very organized–very impressive!!

Here is mine! :joy:

We have a tiny tiny shed, and there’s about 736383 bikes in it, so yeah…

I’ll update this thread when I clean out the shed. There IS a mini workshop in there, but I do everything outside really :slight_smile:


So. I’m back.

Didn’t expect to be tidying up so soon, but I wanted to work on my bike and got tired of being stabbed in the side by that MTB handlebar. So here we go.

This is the overview shot. There’s about 10 bikes there… My two road bikes, one MTB, meh-bike. Wife’s road bike, e-bike, hybrid touring bike. 3 kids bikes.

Here are some generic tools:

Here are some bike tools:

And finally, some parts, grease, spokes/nipples/ sealant… and a lot of small things. All those blue Shimano boxes in the clear storage boxes is just my Di2 collection :slight_smile:

Limited space, so I tend to do most of my maintenance outside :slight_smile:


Not many tools, but have more recently added a Wera hex key set after Dave Rome’s article.

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Here’s where I store my spares, grease, lubricants, basically everything that likes to hide and mingle in the shade of a drawer.

While general tools live their mysterious lives in different habitats within this garage, the cycling specific are stored in an old box for photo equipment

…because I mainly work outside on a makeshift frame-hanger that, attached to the fence to the neighboring house, gives me a perfect working height.


Here’s mine - taken a little while ago. A sudden influx of bikes last year has made this space way messier. I set it up as a temporary area until I create some false walls and add a ceiling to the garage to make it a bit warmer and better lit. That will give me an opportunity to use the space a bit better. The computer I decided was too good for being left in the garage so has gone back into the house! I’ve also bought some more tools so the wall requires re organising.


:drooling_face: I’m inspired. Thanks for the ideas.

My happy place. I thought I’d nailed it, but this thread has shown me ways to take it to a higher level. Thank you all and thank you @david.rome for starting this thread.

(Note, the espresso machine in the back stopped working so I recenlty had to add a beer fridge.)


This was the living room of my old apartment. I now have a whole garage, but no photos.

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Choosing the right way (most space efficient yet putting the most common tools within easiest reach) to reorganise my tools leaves me in such a state of confusion (do I take them all off the wall first?!) that I haven’t started.

I’ll be doing a Cool Tool Tuesday about tool organisation in the near future. In the meantime, this may provide a little insight: Tech Mailbag #1: Similar geometry, very different handling. What's going on? - CyclingTips