Shimano R8170 brake bleed methods

First time dealing with hydro disc brakes, I’ve never done this before. Is Shimano’s manual method sufficient, or are there easier and/or more foolproof/effective methods?
I seem to be covered as far as the standard bleed tools go and plan on doing a full fluid replacement/bleed on both brakes.
I just want 'em to work right, with minimal lever throw, and as firm a feel at the lever as possible. TIA

I followed the Shimano manual for my GRX brakes. That was the first time I’ve bled hydro brakes and I didn’t have any problems with it. They were pretty clear so I didn’t find too many ways to mess it up.

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I’ve found Bleedzone’s method (on Youtube) to be successful most of the time - it’s a whole lot simpler than Shimano’s. If you don’t get it in two tries though, go through the whole Shimano method.