Shimano Road 12//SRAM AXS chainring cross compatibility?

Hi, I’m looking at buying a Force ETAP AXS 2x groupset for my road bike. I’m currently on Ultegra 8000 and have a Stages PM that I’d like to keep using with the new groupset. My plan would be to buy a r8100 crankset and use it with Force.

Does anyone know if Shimano 12 speed chainrings will work with SRAM 12 speed systems? Are there any major compromises?

The AXS 12 speed cassette needs the AXS flattop chain, which has measurably larger rollers. That chain will only fit with AXS 12 speed rings or “AXS compatible” rings from some aftermarket manufacturers.

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Well I’m a doofus! Totally forgot about that new wizzz bang tech which is funny because I thought the flattop chain looked cool. Thanks! Looks like I’ll need to order a new PM

I’ve read somewhere you can run SRAM derailleurs with Shimano 12 speed chains and cassettes, and Shim 12 speed chains with 11 speed chainrings, which if true should be an option for you. Probably cheaper to try than to get a new PM.

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Carbon Ti do AXS compatible rings if you want to avoid having to buy a new PM every time you wear your rings out. You’d likely need new PM/cranks, but might work out better in the long run.
(I considered doing this and getting some PM pedals instead)

Not sure if the policy is worldwide, but I’ve just replaced my AXS/quark rings, and here in Australia if you’re the original owner with receipt, SRAM will replace your rings for 50% of retail. The shop just needs to lodge a service ticket with SRAM like they would for a warranty.

Thanks! I’d probably just go Assioma Favero Unos if I go the Sram crank route, not a big fan of SRAM Quarq PM option anyways.

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Just want to follow up. I’m just going to go with the full Rival setup with the crank/PM once this stuff starts coming off backorder and the resale value of my R8000 group starts to drop(not really in a rush albeit kind of want to get rid of my TRP Spyres). Was nervous about if it was going to look cheap and ride like shit but test rode a frame with the full group on it last Sunday and thought it performed really well. Plus my frame is BSA so don’t have to worry about trying to get their dumb 29mm crank standard inside 41mm aperature. Thanks all for the advice.