Shortening rear fender on bike with ST cutout

Has anyone done this? My Giant Revolt Advanced has short chainstays and a seat tube cutout, so attaching a full rear fender behind the bottom bracket is not an option, nor is it desirable for anyone who rides in mud. I don’t, but fenders for gravel bikes are following the lead of mountain bikes, and the Mudhuggers I use are well made. I’ve been ambivalent about full coverage fenders on this bike but today my feet got soaked because the Mudhuggers are more about not getting sprayed in the face than anything. So I may get alu fenders from Velo Orange which I’ve used and liked on other bikes. But I will have to cut the rear fender between the seat stay bridge and the seat tube. (Also check for toe overlap on front fender.) Wondering if anyone has had success with this. I’m thinking of it as primarily for a mid-Atlantic winter for now. I ride about 30 to 40 percent gravel at most. Sorry, long post for a pretty basic scenario, but I haven’t found this addressed anywhere on the interwebs.

I should add that obv this is what winter bikes are for, and I have a fendered touring bike I can ride when it’s nasty out, but I am setting that aside for the moment.

SKS RaceBlade Pro XL:

Hey Joe,

Not 100% what year of frame/size of bike/ any size specific concerns but it looks like Giant makes some fenders specifically for the Revolt;
Revolt Fender | Giant Bicycles US (

Otherwise, SKS fenders come highly recommended here in the PNW and depending on the fender mounts, you can likely get away with cutting away a bit of the fender without trouble. Especially with thicker plastic or aluminum fenders.

This link might also help you with your search.
Giant Revolt 2 + SKS Chromoplastic Longboard 50 Fenders - Mamilian

Best of luck!