Show me your Garmin screens, must have widgets, data fields and secret settings

I’m super curious to see what’s on your data screens! What’s your settings, your favourite widgets and must have data fields? What’s your secret settings that only you know…?

I’ll go first! My main screen on the 530 as pictured;

  • My Bike Radar Traffic data field connected to my Varia, showing approaching cars actual speed
  • Time of day
  • speed
  • HR/avg HR/Max HR
  • distance
  • avg speed

My absolute best “secret” tip regarding Garmin Edge and most Garmin things running any kind of maps is to visit and download one of their (free) maps. The details are ridiculous and everything is running really smooth on both my 530 and my Fenix 6X.


I just want to be the first one to admit to being immature enough to laugh at this to myself.


First screen:
Speed, power, distance, time elapsed, cadence, and heart rate. I could probably do better than cadence.

Second screen (secondary stats):
Time of day, average speed, maximum speed, total ascent, Strava score (I think it goes up cumulatively based on heart rate?), distance to destination (for routes), and estimated time of arrival.

Third screen:
Breadcrumb navigation. Since I often stay on this page out of necessity, I also have speed and power. I’d like a few more fields here, like heart rate.

Fourth screen (not shown):
Elevation profile, slope, current elevation.

I generally live on the navigation screen if I’m not on a familiar route, or the first screen otherwise. I find autoscroll ends up being annoying; I wish I had electronic shifters with page turn buttons.

I’d like a chart of heart rate and power over time (like on a trainer). Those exist from ConnectIQ, but took up too much battery on my Edge 130. Rumor is new Edges are on their way this week, and I’m planning to upgrade.


Good idea for a thread. I have mine set up to look the same in all riding pages but toggle between total ride and lap info. This avoids having Power at top in one screen and bottom left in another.

Page 1: General riding

  • Power (big field)
  • Cadence
  • Hr
  • Elapsed time
  • Distance

Page 2: Intervals.
Same as Page1 but swap in lap versions of everything. Sometimes include lap count as well.

Page 3: Data page mainly for looking at during cafe breaks. Stuff like:

  • ascent
  • time of day
  • ETA
  • Av power
  • max speed
  • sunset time
  • av HR

Page 4: Map / Navigation
Garmin or Openstreetmaps with Power and Cadence overlay. Only used when venturing beyond known territory.

Stuff to play with:
One of my computers is set up with Xert‘s Power and MPA fields. Not really useful other than to flag that you thought you were trying but are still way short of a max effort.

What I really like is the Di2 integration. I run my TT bike on sequential shifting and it beeps before the chainring changes.


Maybe it’s used as a nitro burst like in the need for speed series. In that I would also totally want to measure it in km/hr. :laughing::joy:

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I don’t even want to know where the ANT chip is located to measure the speed of farts…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


you answered your own question.

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:joy: I must admit that I’m mature enough that I didn’t see that one coming… :man_facepalming:t3: Note to self; next time, change language to English.

Now when you’ll have been kind enough pointing this out it’ll be the only thing I’ll see when glancing on the screen. Epic!


Didn’t like auto scroll either, but I bought Garmins remote control and it works like a charm!


First screen. The one I use most of the time with key data.

Second screen - I use this for intervals

Third screen with data I don’t need much but will look at occasionally

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Primary screen.

Secondary screen (rarely look at this)

The other screens are just default screens on my Garmin 530.

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I decided to simplify my view while riding and the number of devices I needed to keep charged, so I changed to a watch. (I try to be a runner sometimes.)

My main two screens, time of day being an important one for being home and back to the family on time.

And my racing screen. Time and HR usually the only things I glance at.

I don’t have power on my bike. If I did I’d like to record it, but not sure if I’d want to be looking at it when I’m battling in a race.

This watch is ok, but I’ll probably get something a little better next time.

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I have ”always” had some kind of adventure watch, starting way back when Suuntos watches suddenly where able to show altitude, temperature and heading. Game changing for me at that time, living in the mountains doing lot’s of trail running and skimo.

Now I have a Fenix 6X Pro alongside the Edge 530. My Fenix can do everything that my 530 can, but unfortunately there is one missing feature on the Fenix:

I have lights and Varia Radar connected to my Fenix and it works just perfect, but changing screens between the map and the main screen is a bit cumbersome and Garmin have by some reason decided that the Fenix and Garmin wireless remote shouldn’t play nice. That little thing pushed me toward the 530. Otherwise I can really recommend the Fenix series for biking alongside everything else the Fenix series can do.

the glucose monitoring widget is brillilant

It is. Someone else had created a similar data field, but the one from Dexcom also adds color coding, so the entire data field can go yellow or red depending on blood sugar levels.

I take it you need to be wearing a glucose montoring device?

It’s a shame the remote is so expensive. I use mine to page flip and also to wake the screen when riding on long distance rides at night when I usually have the screen off.

I have 4 profiles depending on the purpose of my ride
Riding around

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But the remote is cheaper than buying a DI2 group set… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But it’s so bulky! Why can’t they make it as inconspicuous as blip shifters?

I hear you! Smaller and easy to mount under the handlebar tape… And more advanced options :+1:t2: That would be awesome!

/ Anders

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