Show off your bike(s)

Why not the obvious? There’s already a thread dedicated to a single model series by a single manufacturer–why not open the playing field–show us what you’ve got!

I’ve built more than 30 bikes over the the last 20 years, and have kept the four that I like the most–all “modest”, I am sure, compared to some of the heavy swingers here, but I don’t mind. I’ll start with my most modest (I use this as my “touring” bike–for bad weather and/or long rides)–a 15+ year carbon Opera Leonardo FP (Opera was the development subsidiary of Pinarello–this was the second iteration of the Dogma prototype–the first had a smaller BB joint). Shown with original fork (red) and an aftermarket that I like better–the original was cut too short, and is actually quite heavy. Campy mechanicals (except for Ultegra calipers which I prefer over anything Campy), Eurus wheels, Brooks saddle (yes, my butt and I are both ancient), integrated handlebar.

Show us yours!


Always like an excuse to look at bikes.

This is my Low MK Disc Road. Ultegra mechanical. These Mavic wheels have since been replaced by Light Bicycle Carbon.


I’ve always been interested in Low. I know James is doing a review at some point soon - but what can you say about modern custom alloy? Why choose it over something else?

My first bike purchase since childhood, bought last fall – a Diverge Base E5, but there’s not a lot left on it’s that’s stock anymore; replaced the Claris groupset with Ultegra (mechanical, mix of 6800 and 8000), DT Swiss ER1600 wheels, Fizik saddle, Prime handlebar… probably something else that’s slipping my mind.


I’m not sure I can see why to choose it over something else, as I’ve only ridden carbon, aluminum, and steel bikes. I was on a CAAD10 for five years before getting this and I really like the CAAD but wanted something more “special” (expensive). I hadn’t been blown away by any carbon frames I’d ridden and I didn’t want the perceived weight penalty of steel. Plus, I couldn’t afford titanium. I went with Low after the shop had told me about how many satisfied customers they had. It was a bit of a leap of faith, but I was hoping my enjoyment of riding my CAAD would be enhanced.

I love the way this bike rides, from the ride quality to the handling. It’s maybe not quite as smooth as my steel Ritchey CX bike, but the Low just feels like a rocket ship built to my body’s exact needs. It makes me want to ride more, and ride fun stuff with it.

Not sure if that really answers your question. One day, I would like to add a Low gravel bike to the mix. It’s not even rational, the bike just really works for me.

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So let’s go :slight_smile: (I love a good bike pictures topic :D) - and I truly apologize for such a long post :flushed:

Pinarello Prince FX size 55, 7,5 kgs with carbon clinchers and a PM (now it has Ti Speedplays and bartape, I need to take a proper picture) → built out of lockdown frustration, I use it for fast chain gangs, any hard session, taxing weekend rides, anything. Pure race bike, fast, aero, not confortable, handles like a dream.

Bianchi Infinito CV size 55, built for Paris-Roubaix sportive a while ago, also used for RVV sportives and few others. With Shamal tubulars and FMB 27s for the rough stuff :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now updated to 11 speed before the world runs out of Sram mechanical shifters. 6,8 kgs with deep clinchers, surprisingly confortable for a carbon race bike, even with said deep clinchers. Slightly less fast than the Pinarello, but also less exhilarating to ride when the form is there. Used to be my daily before I had the Pina.

Kinesis GF Ti (rim-braked !), 55,5 cm, 9,3 kgs. Built to replace an old (aptly named) Orbea Aqua for winter / shitty weather. Ti because I wanted something smoother than aluminium and because the price was not such a stretch vs a good steel frame. Rim-braked because I have an inventory of good wheels. Will be 11 speed soon (I have Sram rivals levers waiting in the shed), to be able to use the aluminium wheels on the other 2 bikes without changing cassettes (and because my inventory of 10 speed cassettes is running lower - and also because the current left brake lever is holding by a thread of carbon). With mudguards for crappy weather, good lights for winter, and a (Ti :sunglasses:) rear carrier to shrink a training ride in the commute back home. That came in handy for lockdowns 2 and 3 when the only reason (excuse ^^) for a ride was commuting.
Wheels are custom, Hope (weatherproofed) hubs, 30 mm deep wide aluminium rims (from Duke), CX Rays (20 in the front and 28 in the rear - unusual but the 28 spokes help the wheel cope with the Ortlieb bag that carries a computer, some stuff and office clothes). 28 mm tyres that measure nearly 30 on the wide rims. This bike is not a racer but is efficient under power, and very smooth (but because of fat tyres more than anything else I believe).

Soma Pescadero size 54, from 11 to 13 kgs (weight is no object). Built for the sake of having an allroad bike, kind of old school build with silver components, shiny Paul brakes and Nitto stuff). My most usable bike: from commuting in any weather, school-dropping and errands-riding (I don’t run errands, I RIDE them ;)) to country rides and light-gravelly stuff with the kid (mud quickly becoming an issue with 35 mm slicks and mudguards) and the occasional holiday ride when I only bring this bike. Even the occasional not-too-fast chain gang for the fun of seeing people’s faces when I take my turn :rofl:
2 pairs of wheels built on Hed Belgium (non +) rims. One with 24/28 CX Rays and Hope hubs with 35 Bon Jon Passes from Rene Herse (magic carpet ride, surprisingly efficient). Cost me a lot. The other one used (but as good as new), 32/32 DT Comp on Campa Record hubs, bombproof build with bombproof Marathon plus tyres (1,5 kgs for 2 32 mm tyres :rofl:, ride like tank chains ^^) - for less than a new Hed rim :sunglasses:

Last one, my old 2009 Orbea Orca, size 55. 6,8 kgs now, from 5,9 in my WW heyday. Had no use for it anymore (obviously with what’s above) but I like it too much so I rebuilt it from parts I had left from the other builds. I now stays at my in-laws so that I don’t have to carry a bike when we go over for the WE.


Wow–some great bikes so far. Here is my second bike, my “easy rider”, which I use when I’m low on energy, or it’s raining, windy–whatever–smooth as silk, effortless–a Ridley Excalibur, Campy mechanicals, Fulcrum Racing Zeroes. A few more bikes to come later on.


My 2016 cube, I sorta get on with her but feel more XC would suit my tastes after the last 5 years riding. I will be 40 next year so I forsee a present to myself!

2016 Supersix Evo HI-MOD w/ Dura-Ace 9000 + Reynolds Aero 46 Wheels

Topstone Apex 1 - No upgrades except for the gold chain. Want to get rid of the dropper for a nice light/comfy carbon post but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Drivetrain is also meh, wish I had Shimano GRX on it but oh well.

I have a 2014 Trek Fuel EX 8 mtb as well but don’t ride it that much and don’t have any good pictures of it. It’s a bit tired too and needs some love in the suspension department.


My Orro Terra C, have had it 2 weeks this Thursday. It’s an absolute hoot to ride. Need a bit of tweaking to get the fit right for rides over 50k, but loving it so far!

Adventure bikes up on the moors when it was sunny. Stem needs to be trimmed now I’ve got a happy bar height, this was reinforced on Saturday after an unpleasant stem/privates interface moment!

Race bike, has had a nicer Deda stem added and cleaned!


Roadie, gravel bike and bikepacking bike


Great answer. Definitely a fan of ‘ride what works’ or ‘what you like’ rather than what is rational.

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Recommissioned the single speed so went along the cycle path in the autumn sun today.

Having not ridden single speed for best part of 18 months I’d forgotten how much even a gentle ride can make your legs ache!


The road bike. It’s an Endurace…i had it painted as Canyon could use something to brighten their typically drab catalogue.

The gravel bike. I’ve swapped between both of Lauf’s forks (suspension v stiff) and it is a remarkable change up. Both have their place in the forest.


I replaced a crashed damaged Cervelo S3 with a Specialized Aethos. I bought the Expert version as I preferred the frame colour. I have since upgraded to Roval Alpinist CLX wheels and Alpinist SL cockpit. It is definitely my favourite riding bike, and I don’t miss the aero of my previous Cervelo.


A Litespeed in front of Lightspeed.

Litespeed Watia with GRX Di2 2X and Light Bicycle AR375 rims.


Nice bikes

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My GT Grade on the Pembrokeshire cliffs.


these mine