Show off your bike(s)

Colnago CLX 3.0 w/Campagnolo Chorus 11/Campagnolo Bullet 80 USB


Pinarello Prince/Shimano Ultegra R8000/Campagnolo Bora One 50

This is the go fast bike when I feel like I am younger than I actually am.


Repurposed Rocky Mountain for biking in weather not for biking.


Nice ATM bags!

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Are this Zipp 303 S? How do you like them as gravel wheels?

This is my custom built gravel build. Definitely my favourite bike at the moment, I find I’m reaching for it instead of both my road bike and MTB much more often than I expected.
The frame is a Carbonda CFR969 (which also seems to be used by several brands), with GRX 1x. The frame takes 29x2.1 XC tyres well, so I use those on rougher trails and another set of wheels with 40mm tyres for regular rides.
Everything about the bike is basically awesome, light, comfortable, handles great.


Here’s one of mine (the best one…) - SWorks Tarmac SL7 with Ultegra Di2, Zipp 303 Firecrests running 28mm tubeless. Warranty fix also now done :slight_smile:

Before you all roll your eyes - I’ve wanted an SWorks ever since I was 14 - I’m now nearly 40 and finally got the chance to get one. I wanted to spec it with a decent but durable kit - the roads aren’t great around me (London) and the weather is unpredictable so 28mm tyres and discs are great!

It rides brilliantly and feels super fast - I think a lot of that is down to the tyres and wheels - it was my first “super bike” and feels exactly like I hoped it would. I love it. I like the incognito styling too - not so embarrassing if I get passed on a climb.


Been riding this for 4 years, comfy, quick and reliable. now with Campy 12speed and different saddle as I am getting older(53) and still wanna do my thing. Doesn’t matter what you ride so long as you ride but this just feels good to me.


Bertie the Belgie. Picked up Thursday last week.


S5 with Zipp 404/808 wheelset


2021 Cervelo Caledonia Ultegra Di2

Decided to downsize my garage and upgrade to the latest trends and went all in, replacing three mechanical, rim brake road/CX bikes with this.

Was thinking about an Aspero for a while but am still not sold on gravel (have a MTB for that). When I learned of the Caledonia throught the CT review, I realised it is the absolute right bike for me.

A few upgrades from standard and it is an amazing bike, with a second set of wheels it covers everything I expect of a road bike.


Focus impressively replaced my cracked 6 year old Izalco Max this year with this lovely unpainted frame. Didn’t seem right to put worn out Ultegra on it and the only thing easy to source in the new supply chain world was a mix of Campy SR/R with Fulcrum Racing Nite Zeros. 6.8 kg with 1st gen Look Blade Ti pedals. Stiff, smooth and the best looking bike I’ve had since the 80s. The gratuitous Alfa shot does give away my somewhat dated aesthetic, however.

The Santa Cruz 5010 is nowhere near as pretty but it is a ton of fun


GTV6 for the win! Many years ago I would drool over those at the local dealer when shuttling my college roommate back and forth to the innumerable service visits his Alfa spyder required😀

I know this is a thread about bikes on a cycling forum but more photos and words on the Alfa would be great!

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My new Alliance all-road, custom Columbus XCR stainless steel. SRAM AXS 2x12spd drivetrain. Princeton Carbon wheels. Lightning carbon cranks, T47 BB. Rides like a dream.


New supply chain world isn’t necessarily a bad thing then :wink: Car looks sick too :slight_smile:

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Maybe if the car shots only have bikes in them too?
It’s actually not a GTV6, it’s a ‘79 Alfetta GT with a 2l on Webbers. It’s a lot like Campy parts actually; makes absolutely no sense but somehow makes you feel good. I also own a Subaru and plenty of bikes with Shimano - they work great but it didn’t occur to me to put a photo of them anywhere.


And…back to bikes. Here is #3, a Ridley Liz–same frame as the Ridley Fenix, except different paint schemes–I like the Liz scheme better actually, so grabbed it when one came available (a pro team cast off because of a sponsorship change)–very modest compared to most here, with Campy 10 spd (except, as always, Ultegra calipers), compact crank, Eurus wheelset, Speedplays and yes, a Brooks saddle–am not a racer (obviously), but this one is very nimble–all carbon (frame, post, fork, integrated handlebar, crankset, shifters…).

Brilliant bike the Izalco Max - I’ve got one as my race bike with mechanical SRAM Red and another frameset I picked up for not much money in case I ever write the first one off. They seem to be strangely unloved despite the good looks, low weight and (IMO) awesome feel on the road, like a CAAD10 or a supersix but even firmer.
Nice car too, clearly a person of taste!

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Read the thread and noticed that I hadn’t posted mine yet… so here it is :).

Here is my Cinelli Veltrix Disc, Ultegra R8050 Di2 (apart from the crankset).

Built the wheels myself, Duke Road Runner 30 Disc, Hope RS4 hubs, and Sapim spokes.

It’s a lot of fun to ride, and I really like the colour. My previous bike was almost 100% black, and while there is nothing wrong with that, I prefer this brighter orange :slight_smile:

(yes, the saddle is pointing down a bit, this has been fixed since the photo was taken :wink: )