Show off your CAAD

Roll call for CAAD owners! Old and new, show your appreciation for the Cannondale CAAD here.

I personally own a CAAD12 that doesn’t get nearly the amount of use it deserves.


Here’s my trusty CAAD8, back from 2005. Still going strong, though the Ultegra 6600 is starting to show its age.

Been debating either upgrading the groupset or getting a new bike altogether for years, but like you Dave, I just don’t ride it often enough these days to justify the expense.


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Well well well, if it isn’t one of my favourite topics!

I’ve got two CAADs. One is my trusty CAADX that I ride all the time as a commuter/general runabout:

And the other, I haven’t seen or ridden in four years – it’s an old CAAD5 I bought last time we were visiting the in-laws, and it lives in a garage in Stavanger, Norway.


My 2015 CAAD10 that has solidly been on trainer duty for the last few years until I rebuilt it for racing this year (!) with old and new parts and help from Velocraft and Saint Cloud :+1:t2:


Oh that’s sweet!

I’m fortunate enough to have two. My ‘original’ CAAD4 and then my ‘new-to-me’ CAAD13 that i built up last month. Both in BBQ black - of course :slight_smile:


@david.rome Your bike was one of the main inspirations for my recent CAAD13 build.

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Is there any other bike model/brand that has as long of a current history as the CAAD?

Specialized Allez used to have a similar standing. I hope Specialized do another new one soon.

My 2012 CAAD8. Mostly sits on the trainer at the moment, but will go back to commuter duties if I ever get back into the office…

2014 CAAD10 with 105 10-speed. Soon to be upgraded to mechanical Chorus 12 speed and the rear rim of the Cosmics got bent on a pothole last month so some new Cero alloy clinchers on their way. Should be good for a few more years at least, I’ve never loved a bike like I love this one.


Here’s my 2018 CAAD12: a bike that I will never part with…

I am in the process of trying to get it custom painted as I’m not a huge fan of the paint scheme or the fact that it says CAAD12 everywhere!


My most trusty companion, 2016 vintage. So much love for this thread.

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My 2017 CAAD12, that came into my life when my 2013 CAAD10 passed on.

It’s got some Ksyrium USTs on there, but otherwise stock.

It’s done lots of touring, commuting, racing, and more gravel miles than any of my gravel bikes!

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2005 CAAD5 Saeco lockdown project.
Lusted after a ‘Handmade in the USA’ CAAD when I was a kid so this was an opportunity to good to pass up.
Stripped and completely rebuilt as a cafe ride, no data, no rules machine.
It might get mudguards for the winter months if I can figure out the very limited rear tyre clearance!


The SKS Raceblade Pro’s work pretty great on my CAAD and those of a few friends of mine who have rim brakes.

Love a CAAD! I have two from before the second A was added. One is going to end up in our latest Field Test, this trusty CAD2.


Thanks for the tip. Got a set of race blades but I find coverage not great for the weather we get, especially at the front…

Ah, yes. Ours can be pretty terrible too, but I’ve torn off two longer front fenders due to being an idiot, so I use the shorter ones :blush:

I didn’t even know that there were single-A CAADs! What is the field test? 90s MTBs v modern gravel bikes??