Show off your CAAD

Thanks for the tip. Got a set of race blades but I find coverage not great for the weather we get, especially at the front…

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Ah, yes. Ours can be pretty terrible too, but I’ve torn off two longer front fenders due to being an idiot, so I use the shorter ones :blush:

I didn’t even know that there were single-A CAADs! What is the field test? 90s MTBs v modern gravel bikes??

Here’s my CAAD7 I sold a decade ago. It’s the one that got away. If anyone knows it’s whereabouts I’d love to buy it back. The guy I sold it to was in Melbourne, but he sold it to someone in Sydney about five years ago.

Cannondale Caad 7


I remember this bike! So good.

My CAAD9 is the one that got away for me. Sold it off before I knew the US-made CAADs were coming to an end.

I had a 2014 CAAD10 Black Inc version until very recently. Loved it despite the years of incessant creaking from the BB. Swore off press fit after this bike

Guess who I’m trying to be


My Caadx the morning after 200 miles of Flint Hills gravel.


2005 CAAD8 in road cr@p grey. It’s still my main (only) road bike and has well over 100,000 km on the clock. The Dura Ace 6800 is on its last legs… I’ll replace the groupset when it finally stops shifting down at all in the cold.



Got a CAAD 13 and just sold a CAAD 12 :slightly_frowning_face:

The CAAD 13 is my winter bike due to the disc brakes and mudguard mounts.

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My beloved CAAD7. Still ride it in the summer and love getting on it.


Also have a 10

sticker from thrillhousecycling


My T900 that I sadly sold a few years ago, one of the few I regret selling

Another single A CAD


That groupset looks a bit older than 6800 (which is a variant of Ultegra) to me?

I think they made a small typo and meant to write Dura Ace 7800

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@Blackgwape - That Hunt wheelset looks baller on a rimbrake CAAD!

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My sadly deceased, and much missed 12 disc :cry:


That would make sense.