Show off your CAAD

Looks great! Did you do the conversion to the 24mm Shimano chainset/spindle yourself?

Gear shop in Brisbane, Aust took care of it :grinning:

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My 2016 caad8, been a faithful bike over the years now used as a commuter/winter bike now. Mudguards was a nightmare I can only get a 23mm tyre in the front as its so tight but it works. Still love riding it


What mudguards are you using ? No conflict with the longer arm of the 5800 FD ?

I have the sks thermoplastics they fitted ok just very tight on the front. The rear is ok I can get a 25mm on the back.
The crank is fine, its a odd story with the cranks. When I purchased my new bike it came with the newer 105 but 175mm cranks. I have always used 172.5mm and had a stages power meter. I did not really want to buy another power meter so I switched the cranks. So my new bike has the old cranks of this one and this one has the newer 105 cranks, I know this will upset purists :joy:

First ride back on the winter bike this weekend :snowflake: :sunglasses:

CAAD12 2108 Tiagra - a bit upgraded

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A, a tried-and-true topic. Here is my CAAD2, done up with older Campagnolo, friction shifters, and whatnot. I always thought these frames had one of the best, most enduring frame profiles, even if the paint schemes weren’t always top notch (but the bright red is nice). I also always liked how this frame and fork seemed to flow together really well.


Good simple and reliable choice :slight_smile:

I meant the front derailleur (FD). The longer arm could interfere with the rear guard (on some bikes it could touch the rear tyre with the odd combination of a wide tyre and short chainstays.

Since mine is my only nice bike, I always kinda flinch (is that the right word?) when people are calling their CAAD12 the winter bike :sweat_smile:


:+1::joy: I’m very lucky to have a CAAD12 and a Supersix Evo :nerd_face:

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It has been fine to be honest, fitted it didn’t even give it a thought really ? It has changed fine set up was ok. The guard is far enough away from it so hasn’t cause any problems.

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Good :slight_smile: I had issues with the FD touching the rear mudguard on my Soma Pescadero (and FD is a Dura Ace 7800 so no long arm in the way). Had to shop around for a FD collar that doesn’t set the FD too much behind the seat tube axle.

My Caad10
Recently changed from campy Veloce to ultegra
My daily ride and winter bike