So what happened to MVDP?

The night before the UCI Wollongong Elite Mens Road Race? Hotel disturbance. Arrested. 4am sleep time. Was he sent to Wollongong to party or to race?

It is said that two teens disturbed his sleep by making noise and knocking on his hotel room door a few times. MVDP is said to have been not amused and have pushed both teens to the ground and to the wall respectively. The police was called. Don’t know how MVDP reacted but he was taken to the station in the end.


He was there to race, not in your words “party.”
Original article posted over 12 hours ago and amended with additional info. You need to read more and/or comprehend information better before putting a question out that’s easily answered and rebuked.


‘what happened’? he got fk’d by circumstances.


What happened to the comment section of this article? There were about 60, now they are gone?


I doubt that will affect his plans

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Given that the TDU is right in the midst of CX season, I’m sure you are right.

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I don’t think he ever participated in a race in australia before Worlds anyway.

I would find it quite funny to be banned from a country whose sole purpose of wildlife is killing you and a substantial part of the non indigenous population is made of convicts descendants. :joy:

Wow…that’s not particularly nice. :flushed:

But you are French so explains a few things…

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Looks like he’s pled out and got out of dodge PDQ.

That’s a shame. The Outside Overlords have struck again!


Disclaimer: I don’t know exactly what type of hot mess the comments section descended into, but I still find this poor form.

We have CT - rightfully - complaining about the UCI blanking Iain and not giving him accreditation at the worlds, and the impact this has on journalism.

And at the same time, we see CT - without any reason given whatsoever - appearing to decide to control if/when comments can be made.

CT … delete the rogue comments, block the User’s IP address and or Username, or put a blurb at the bottom of the article explaining why comments were removed.

Because to just make the comments disappear without any explanation isnt too far removed from the UCI’s modus operandi.


If you mean the article comments - I don’t blame CT for hiding them while court proceedings are ongoing.


I am. However, the ability to comment on that specific article was available until Monday AM. Plus, we can still comment on the other MvDP article which was put up on Sunday AM.

Agree, that in CT’s eyes there must be a reason to suppress ALL coments. The lack of transparency as to why (especially after the NFT article was pulled) is somewhat disappointing.

Where were the parents during all this??? I would not have made it to adulthood if I did crap like this when I was a teen.


The parents may have been sleeping, or maybe the kids were in a school / sports association camp or whatver. Have you never been in a camp with other teenagers and done some stupid things while the people responsible for your were busy with others / too far away to catch what you were doing? As a parent do you keep your eyes and ears wide open 24/7 with complete knowledge of what your kids are doing any time? If you say yes you are lying.

Judging from the ruling MvDP has probably acted in a bad way under stress, exasperation and fatigue and should probably have reacted differently. That doesn’t excuse violence but maybe his options were limited. Hotel staff may have been unavailable and or not able to respond better. I’ve seen people blaming hotel security but we don’t even know what kind of hotel it was. Maybe they don’t even have any personnel with securities duties, this is quite common actually. The context and experience of the person should also be taken into account. Maybe MvDP should have called the police but he may not even know what number to call and given his particular experience in Belgium would not have expected the Police to even move and respond. I know Police answered me once that I should solve that matter myself when I was in a similar situation (not in Australia).

We can objectively dismiss aggression as a valid form of response but we also have all been in a situation where we wanted to slap some stupid teenagers in the face. They do love testing limits sometimes knowing they virtually risk no consequence except the anger of their parents.

My 2 cents is we don’t know exactly what happened and it is none of our business anyway.


CT has an update.
None of the parties come out looking good.

You can’t excuse violent behavior, but you can certainly explain it. MVdP hasn’t had a great season, and rescuing it all came down to this one race. Since he dropped out of the Tour, all his training has been focused on this race. He used to be a young upstart, and any outcome in a race was impressive, but now he’s an established star, and there are expectations. He went to bed, probably with an incredible amount of stress to begin with. Ever go to bed before a big day and think, the only thing I can do now is sleep. And I need to sleep. And something interrupts that. I’ve been angry at a thermostat for keeping me awake by making the room a couple degrees too hot. But it’s not a thermostat, it’s some irresponsible kids.

No, he shouldn’t have touched anyone, and he could’ve acted with a bit more grace, but clearly he was at a boiling point. Thank goodness he didn’t do something worse, and we’ll all forget about this in a few months.