So, who is next to "leave" Cycling tips

About 10 years ago i worked at a company that was in a similar situation as CyclingTips. Once the original founder left things went downhill very fast.
What are peoples guesses on the next person to leave?

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I don’t mean to be confrontational, but it can’t be easy for those involved and it’s not really fair or helpful to speculate on things like this.


I certainly don’t envy someone who may be balancing journalistic principles against the principle that one should take care of their family. I won’t fault any of the staff, regardless of how the situation plays out and what choices they make.


Just a general question. I went over to when this issue came up, and on the “Outside feed” page they have a list of syndicated articles from all the Outside-owned content producers. Velonews, Triathlete, etc. There is not a single one from CT.

Was there before this issue? It’s odd they’d support Velonews, but not CT.

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Interesting. I haven’t been over there since the initial buyout, but I just looked, and it appears that CT never became a part of the “Outside+“ package.

Just an FYI - I think you meant to link “


I worked for an enthusiast automotive magazine early in my career when the title and sisters publications were purchased by a big conglomerate. For the book I worked at, we had a staff of 10 plus several freelancers. I recall that budgets across the board were slashed, our publisher was fired, then we had two rounds of layoffs, and I was one of the casualties. The magazine is still running (it’s been more than a decade since I worked there) but now there’s only the editor in chief and an ad salesperson as the remaining employees and maybe 3-4 freelance writers who also have to double as photographers. I really hope that CT doesn’t face a similar fate. Journalism deserves to be more than just “content” that’s just filler for advertisements.


I think it’s normal for founders to leave their baby once they reach the “mission accomplished” point. Perhaps that’s where Wade found himself.

CT went from “just another cycling blog” to the best cycling publication on the planet (in my opinion anyway). Time to move on, no?


Yeah agreed. Happened to my best friends dad when his company got bought over, stayed on for a year but wasnt the same. My dads boss was the ceo of the small pharma start up that got bought over by a venture capitalist and he left not long after that

Doesn’t that struggle apply to most people? Everybody can have a deeper look at his/her own job and see what kind of impact it has on the environment/competiton/society/etc. and what it could say about you/me/anybody?!

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Sorry but this kind of a thread feels a bit perverse and in poor taste. I mean you are talking about people’s jobs and livelihoods.


I guess that could be true, but his role was pretty minimal and symbolic according to what I’d read when he announced his departure. He sort of “popped in” occasionally.
So… if his presence was more ceremonial than actual, his departure could be seen as largely a statement.

Leave could mean seek more lucrative employment elsewhere. It does not have to mean let go or laid off.

I think you may have not written your post title in the way you are thinking about it. Because it comes across as really insensitive and poor taste. These are real people we are talking about. We can wish everyone can leave a job when they want but many times its not possible. I have gone through those times when my responsibilities were greater than the desire to leave the shitty job I was in at that time. I did leave it eventually but it was not immediately.

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Nope, that’s exactly how I meant it. :grinning: Might seem cold, but in 12 months, I guarantee all of the staff that we love will be gone as Outside Magazine doesn’t give a rat’s a22 about CT

Cycling journalism doesn’t have the active transfer market that cycling has. There aren’t 18 teams looking to fill a roster. Let’s not play this game.


Unfortunately that’s true, as they all have been purchased by Outside Magazine (

My money is on me. Because I’ll be closing my browser and not worrying about what happens with other peoples lives.


I agree with your first point and the second but to me CT seems to have dipped in quality from a year or two ago. I may be totally wrong but there used to be more ‘Bikes of the bunch’ articles etc?

Maybe there’s just less content for CT to report on these days? But also CT doesn’t really have much in the way of competition online. It seems to be more forums and podcasts for cycling fulfillment…


I contacted them within the past year to ask about submitting products for review (high end wheelsets, custom frames and components from a few different companies) and was told they didn’t have the time or manpower to review things. They suggested I could photograph and write a bikes of the bunch article and they might run it.

Fair enough, nobody owes me anything.

My grumpy cynical side sees they can’t publish enough of whatever Specialized, Trek, et al want to push.

I (personally) likely won’t pay for another year.


I miss bikes of the bunch, haven’t seen one for a long time