Speedplay cleat wear

I recently noticed difficulty unclipping on some Speedplay Zero cleats (the new ones from Wahoo) and took them apart for inspection.

It looks like the tabs on the bottom that guide the spring clip have broken off. Attached photo shows it side by side with a new cleat.

These have ~2000 miles in <1 year so this is unexpected. I ride in Bay Area, and have gone to maybe 2 rainy day rides the entire time I’ve had the cleats. I spray them with dry lube.

Is this expected? Is this user error? Is this corrosion?

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This should be a warranty issue. I don’t know how it would be user error. I am not sure if old SP had literally everything produced in the US, but when Wahoo bought them, I’d assume they changed suppliers for the cleats as well as the rest of the parts. This might be a quality control issue.

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I used to have this happen when I went way past worn out, you can get it to the point where the cleats won’t come undone without you taking your foot out to the shoe and twisting with your arms. Never got great mileage out of speed play cleats especially for the price so cured the issue with a liberal dose of Shimano and never looked back. Iirc I was getting about 4500 miles out of a set of cleats, so 2k seems unusually short.


I used Speedplay for years then went back to Time, I would never go back to those awful pedals. Rocking cleats, hot spots etc.

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it’s not wahoo, those particular tabs are ALWAYS the first place to go tits-up on that pedal system for about as long as they’ve been around. they reveal stress cracking, then worst-case just up and fall off.


I get around 8000kms out of mine, when the right cleat “retention spring” snaps. I unclip my right foot when stopping at the lights etc.

Yep that’s an issue of those pedals/cleats… now i ride spdsl’s

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I noticed this on mine as well but it happened almost immediately after putting them on. I’ve also been through 4 sets of warranty pedals due to the pedal body moving side to side on the axle. Wahoo has been ok with replacing them each time but it’s getting annoying.

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Wahoo recently told me this kind of damage can happen if you pull your foot up while unclipping. I guess I should be pushing down while turning my foot? Never heard of that before.