Spokes issue

Hello, Quite the novice here.
I’ve been having an issue where the same two spokes keep breaking every 2-4 months. Its my rear wheel and when they break the wheel is super wonky. So wonky itll rub against the frame and can’t spin freely.
When i got fixed the last 3 times (two different reputable shops) they trued the wheel replaced the spokes and marked with tape to keep an eye on which ones.
They are quite old wheels
Fulcrum 7’s (8-9 years old)
Running on my focus with sora groupset (7-8 years old)
I do about 200kms a week commuting mostly some rec rides here and there.
I’m planning to get a new bike in 6-12months So just wondering what the best option would be?

Should I keep fixing it and hope? or Is it just time to get a new wheel (would any 10 or 11 speed hub work with the 8speed sora?)

Thanks for any help!

There are 2 likely causes:

  1. The rim is out of true and the tension needed on those particular spokes is too high to align the rim. This can cause excess stress and premature failure.
  2. The repairer has failed to ensure the spoke/nipple thread are bonded enough to resist loosening. Eventually a loose spoke will bend enough under compression that it will fail.

Other than asking the mechanic, the ideal option for diagnosing #1 is a spoke tension meter and #2 is checking the spoke tension on those spokes periodically (with or without a tension meter - if they loosen you should be able to feel that)