Sram brake compatibility

Any know if the newer Sram Force D1 rim brake callipers work OK with Force 22 levers? They look very similar to the Force 22 callipers. Also, would the tyre clearance be better on the D1s?

The cable pull should be the same between the two so either will work with either lever. As for tire clearance, the Force 22 caliper looks like it has more but it’s probably about the same between them, maybe 1-2 mm either way.

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SRAM says 28 for the Force D1:Force Brakeset | RB-FRC-D1 | SRAM

Thanks. That’s what I was thinking. I was trying to piece together a Force 22 groupset for my next bike. I could find everything except for the brakes. I’ve read that tyre clearance was improved, and braking may be too. Though my old Sram Force 10-speed brakes work just fine, and I think they appeared to be unchanged for Force 22.

What are you trying to say? Edit: Sorry, I realised you were referring to the tyre clearance. I was more concerned about braking performance.

I have this exact combination on my road bike (Force 22 levers with Force D1 brakes). They’re perfectly compatible, and if anything, braking may be slightly improved. The D1 calipers have a bit more material (and are slightly heavier), so the calipers could be slightly stiffer. But this could also be just in my head.

I can also confirm that the Force D1 calipers have a bit more tire clearance, which is why I’m running them. The brake bridge on my road bike frame sits rather low. With the Force 22 caliper, the caliper was the tightest spot for the rear tire, with only about 1.5mm clearance. With the Force D1 caliper, the brake bridge is now the tightest spot, not the caliper.

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I will second this. The newer brakes work great with the older shifters, and they are designed so that th frame should be the limiting factor in tire clearance, not the brake. 32 mm tires should fit comfortably if the frame is designed for it.

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Thanks Andreas. That’s good news! I just managed to piece together a Sram Force 22 groupset except for the brakes, so I’ve now ordered the D1s.

Thanks Dan. That’s good to know. I’ll probably run 28s, but it’s nice to have options!

I have D1s too, paired with first gen 10s Red levers, they work perfectly fine.

(I actually hadn’t even noticed that those D1s were not the same as the Force 22 calipers, that are very similar to 10s Red ones).

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Yeah, I don’t think they updated the brakes at all when they moved from 10 to 11. My Force 10s has what looks to be identical brakes to the Force 22 brakes.

Gotta say I love the look of the older brakes. The original 10 speed groupset was bombproof in my experience. I really miss it.

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Yeah, I have it on my current bike. My only complaint is the front derailleur rubbing. Hoping that the yaw system on Force 22 will fix that.

Yaw FD is very good. On my Ti wet weather bike I managed to set a 10-speed Force FD with 11 speed levers (so without the 2 positions in the big ring), but it’s a bit of a challenge (and I can’t use the 3 smallest cogs in the small ring because of rub - not that it should be done anyway).

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