SRAM hidden chainring bolt

I’ve changed the shock SRAM chainring on my X1 Rivel crankset with a Wolftooth ring and I notice the Wolftooth ring doesn’t have a threaded hole for the bolt that mounts behind the crank arm. It seems to ride fine without that bolt ie four bolts only, but will there be issues long-term?

I’ve put a third party rings on a SRAM Rival crank with the hidden chainring bolt.

I’d always make sure though that there’s all 5 bolts holding the ring to the crank. It’s a bit fiddly but I’ve managed to get the bolt in there and done up properly.

It definitely means the job takes longer though, bit of a silly system IMO.

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It’d probably be fine with four, and you can add a fifth if you have a shorter chainring bolt. Just take the spider off the crank, bolt like normal, then put the spider back on.

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