SRAM serial number lookup

Hoping someone can point me/the CT forum to a SRAM serial number lookup that’s actually useful for identifying parts. I found their guide to finding ~where~ the serial numbers are on each part, but no luck on something identifying ~what~ the parts actually are.

FWIW I’m trying to identify a SRAM Apex hydro shifter serial 23T74063896. To see if it’s compatible with an 11-speed Rival RD.

Short answer should be yes. Any (mechanical obv.) Sram road shifter (10 or 11 speed) is compatible with any Sram road (incl. the diverse 1x and CX1 variants) 10 or 11 speed derailleur - any with any 10 speed MTB Sram derailleur for that matter.
Same pull ratio for all of them, named “exact actuation” in Sram marketing. It was great actually, I am still slowly upgrading my bikes to 11 speed, mixing and matching 10 and 11 speed levers and derailleurs.

Nice. How are you handling the ratchet mechanism between 10 and 11 sp parts?

Nothing to handle (not sure I got your question though). Pull ratio for all derailleurs is the same, so any of those derailleurs will behave as dictated by the shifter. To illustrate:

  • My Bianchi Infinito was 10-speed (well 20) with Sram Red 10 speed shifters (the very first ones) and Sram Red 11 speed derailleurs (rear was WiFli) + 10-speed Shimano cassettes, 10-speed KMC chains, and 10/11-speed Stronglight chainrings
  • It is now 11-speed (22 actually) with the same Red 22 derailleurs, Sram Force 22 shifters, 11-speed Shimano cassettes, 11-speed KMC chains, and the same chainrings

Both combinations worked / still work perfectly, not a missed shift ever, RVV and Paris-Roubaix sportives included.

TL;DR, the Apex shifter will work with the Rival derailleur.

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The main thing is the number of speeds must match. 10 speed Apex will only shift a 10 speed cassette. It can use any Exact Actuation derailleur: 10 or 11 speed road der (so the 11 speed Rival will work) or, as mentioned, 10 speed mountain der.

I think Apex hydraulic was only 11 speed anyway, but you can double check by counting clicks, remembering to add 1 to that.