SRM X-Power Pedal Batteries Crashed

I have several bikes and various power meters including crank-based and pedal-based (Garmin, Assioma, SRM). One of my pairs of SRM SPD-compatible pedals was on a bike I happened to not ride for about 3-4 weeks. I had left the pedals fully-charged after the last ride. I am aware of the well-published limitations on battery life of the SRM pedals. I am also aware that Li-ion batteries should never be stored for long periods of time - months or years - in a completely depleted state. I did not keep these pedals charged, figuring they might be only a few days or couple weeks before being charged again. I’d just charge them up the night before the next ride on that bike. When I did try charging the pedals, they did not charge - they were completely inert. I eventually sent them back to SRM in Colorado, USA. The tech told me he had to remove the internals and “jump-start” the battery in both pedals to bring them back to life. They told me to keep them charged at least every two weeks. Just seems like a lot of maintenance… I suppose this is due to the small size of the battery, which is inside the spindle.

Anyone else have this experience with these pedals?

Other than this, I have been very happy with the pedals.