Stages PM / SRAM AXS GXP compatibility

I’m currently using a Stages left side PM on my SRAM Force 1 GXP (11 speed) cranks. Looking to upgrade to AXS x2 in the near future.

Ideally don’t want to buy another PM so If I buy the GXP version of the AXS cranks, I’m hoping that this is a straightforward swap with no weird compatibility issues? Has anyone else done similar?

The non-drive side GXP interface is the same on 1x and 2x from 10 speed all the way up to 12. Q-factor should be identical as well. You’re all set.

Great thanks -just what I needed to hear

Do you know if the axle lengths / chainline are the same for GXP and Dub? They look the same on the SRAM frame specs.
The bike in question is a Scott gravel addict, I know I can use 46/33 cranks (and 45mm tyres) as the SRAM models are spec’d with them BUT the cranks are DUB. Wondering if they need to be DUB to clear the tyres.

We’re talking about two different things. The GXP system, if installed properly on a given frame, centers the crank without the need for spindle spacers or wave washers (unless it’s a press-fit bb) and there is no bearing preload needed. It’s a fixed system with a fixed crank position and therefore a fixed chainring position.

Dub is meant to be a bit more versatile, a wider range of compatibility without compromising stiffness, weight, longevity, yadda yadda. There are guidelines for DUB spindle spacer placement - publicly available in sram’s tech docs - for your specific BB/crank standard to keep your q factor centered in the bike. This will place the chainrings in the position sram intended for best shifting and smooth running in cross-chain gears.

****If you’re wanting to clear 45’s, you’ll want to opt for their Force AXS “wide” kit. Review: SRAM Force eTap AXS Wide groupset |

Standard AXS hardware won’t really allow anything wider than a 40mm - the front derailleur clearance at the tire won’t allow it on most bikes.

Thanks for your reply. The spacing seems to be the same from the tech docs. Having read far too much about AXS the last few days I thought I’d need the Wide version as well, however the Addict with Red uses what looks like regular AXS - as there’s no Wide Red version available from what I can see. It also comes spec’d with 45s as standard. Maybe there’s something different about the frame shape which enables for this.

Think I might take a trip to my local Scott dealer see if they can confirm before committing to the purchase.