Stem/bar options for completely integrated cables

I’m looking at picking up a Wilier Filante, but the offered single barstem isn’t quite the sizing I want, so am trying to find out what aftermarket options I have. I need a 140mm stem, but the Wilier bar only comes in 44cm for that stem length - I currently ride 40cm bars, and I’d really like to avoid moving to 44cm, not least because it seems to go against the whole idea of an aero frame like the Filante.

So I suspect my best option would be a separate stem, and a set of aero bars. But, I’d still like the brake hoses to be run entirely internally through these. There seem to be plenty of stems available for this, but haven’t found any bar-only options yet - even top options like the Enve SES aero bar don’t seem to route the hoses directly into the stem.

To sum up the requirements:

  • 140mm stem, to fit 1 1/4 steerer
  • 40cm aero bars
  • Hydraulic brake hoses to be run entirely internally through bars, into stem, into steerer. No gear/di2 cables.

Any suggestions?

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All this for internal routing a single cable (your rear brake)? My suggestion is rather obvious, but perhaps best left unsaid.


Yep. Though it’s the front brake cable too. And yes, thanks for not saying it.


Check and see if the frame is compatible with the Vision ACR HB/ Stem system.


This one doesn’t have long enough stems, but I’ve now spotted other brands like Deda Vinci and Bontrager which I think will work…

Black Inc could be an option if you wanted the an integrated bar and stem:

Only goes up to 130mm stem but the reach of the bars is 80mm which is 5mm more than many.


Thanks - it’d still be 5mm short, which I suspect I’d notice. The Bontrager is the best integrated option I’ve seen so far - the reach on that is 100mm (!) so much shorter stem required. No flare on the drops though which I’m not sure about… yes I’m being picky :slight_smile:

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Do you need a stem that long, or do you need a bigger bike? (peeking at the geometry chart, the frame reach is very short in the larger sizes!)

Fair question. My problem is I have a long reach, and low position. I am already looking at their largest XXL frame, and can get the right fit with the 140mm stem. There’s not many stock frames on the market which actually suit me - it’s essentially down to this, the BMC TeamMachine, or Tarmac.

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One option might be to ask a carbon repair specialist to cut the 44cm Willier handlebar and reduce its width. Voiding the warranty obviously. I would do that only with the most trusted carbon specialists.

Horrifically bad idea.


Definitely if not made by someone who knows his game. I’ve seen custom bars in the market so I doubt they have a list of fatalities associated to them.

There is a difference between custom bars and hacking existing, specifically engineered fibers into 2 pieces and adding more material.

And if your only metric is “dead or not dead”, then have at it I guess…just make sure your health and dental insurance is paid up.


I’m aware of three options with rear holes in the bars

pretty small hole, might be difficult for two cables

Much bigger hole and good price

Hard to see in the pic but apparently has internal routing hole

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3T aeroflux also has a hole in the clamp, I think.

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Hello there. Another option which is both aero and light and has a big enough hole at the back of bar clamp area is the Deda Superzero Carbon DCR. Around 215g and fully internal with cables going into, and not under the stem. Available from Wiggle but pls make sure you spec the DCR version bec there is a non-DCR version that doesn’t have the hole at the back of the clamp area.

I am using this on my Argonaut RM3 and have been very happy with it so far.

Hope this helps.

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