Story time with iconic Aussie bike builder Peter Teschner

Here’s a neat little series that came across our desk here at CyclingTips: Rob Arnold over at Ride Media has published a bunch of video interviews with Aussie framebuilder and innovator Peter Teschner. They’re an interesting look at some neat (and groundbreaking) bike tech from across the years. There are four videos in the series so far but more are apparently on the way:


Thanks for sharing Matt.
The videos are from an impromptu session while Pete was delving around his shelving… and pulling down one bike after another that had interesting stories attached.
I hope the CT crowd enjoys the videos and appreciate the stories that Teschner has to tell. He’s a fascinating guy who never stops thinking about building bikes.
– Rob

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Had a pleasure to ride one of his bikes years ago for a season. Still regret I sold it, was a perfect fit for me.

Those were entertaining. Thanks for posting