Strade Bianche

Can Pogacar be beaten in any race?

A TT or flat sprint, maybe.

It would have been interesting with WVA or MVDP present.


Or if Benoot had not crashed out.

Yeah, don’t get the “wouldas”, “couldas” and “ifs, ands or buts”–they weren’t, they didn’t, so it really doesn’t matter–Pogacar beat a strong field, and beat them soundly.


Hmmmm……stage 20 of the 2020 TdF and Stage 5 from last year are pretty strong arguments against that.

Paris Roubaix? Traditionally it has favoured a heavier rider as the extra ballast keeps things more stable on the cobbles.

Hence the ‘maybe’!

Pog takes 3rd on the opening TT stage of T-A…now getting beat in a TT by Ganna is no knock at all, but Evenepoel beating him by 7" is a bit of a surprise.

But Pog had a pretty hard day on Saturday, too, so… :man_shrugging:

And it’s pretty flat, so it favours big (raw) watts over w/kg, which again points towards bigger guys. Bike handling and tactics are a big factor, though. While you want to be as close to the front as possible on the pave sectors, how many matches are you willing to burn to make that happen? Do you have the awareness (and the team) to get up there even if you want to? And after all that, there’s still a good chance that the bloke next to you goes over and takes you out anyway. Or you puncture. Or drop a chain.

Like the best sporting events, it rewards skill and strength, but there’s just enough luck involved to keep it unpredictable and therefore entertaining.

On a side note, I can’t remember who wrote about why certain sports/contests are more popular than others, but one of the theories advanced was about just enough unpredictability; namely that contests/sports where the best individual/team almost always wins are predictable and hence dull, whereas ones very heavily dependent on luck tend to be seen as unfair/random and thus uninteresting.