Strava mobile personal heatmaps

Is anybody else having a problem with the personal heatmap layer on Strava? I’ve got the option to use it, but when I touch the box Ikeep getting an error message (see attached snapshot). It doesn’t really make any sense to me given that every ride on my Strava feed is GPS based.

Thoughts appreciated,



Since they just rolled this out on mobile a second ago, it’s not surprising that there might still be some bugs. But that said, it worked for me. Glad to finally have this feature.

There might not be any bugs, the problem could be at my end, which is what I was trying to establish by asking whether anybody else was having the same experience.

Mine seems to be working ok at the moment and I am in the Midlands not sure if location makes a difference

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Same problem as with you, Steve. :frowning: I’m from Hungary.

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Hi Zsolt. I emailed Strava support last night and they replied, asking me to email another department; I’d forgotten that I’m a beta tester! I’ll let you know when I hear back from them.


Thank you!

Hi, I guess they still haven’t answered. In my experience, Strava support is worth nothing. Meanwhile, the problem is unresolved…

Hi Zsolt,

You are correct. They answered a question that I didn’t ask, then sent me some generic FAQ type suggestions, before passing the issue to a different department. I chased them up on Wednesday but I’ve still had no response. It’s odd that they reply promptly with the generic stuff, then go silent when the issue remains unresolved.


Hí Steve, I’ve always been with them, like you. So far I have not been able to arrange anything with them. That’s why I canceled my subscription (it’s still until November). If they don’t care about me, I won’t give them money. But if this heatmapping feature works, I’d subscribe again. (Sorry for my bad english.)

Hi Zsolt,

Your English is way better than any of my foreign language use!

Personal heatmaps definitely work, I’ve seen them on my daughter’s mobile phone. Just a question of why it’s not working on ours. What phone do you use? I’m on a Pixel 5, my daughter is on a Samsung, wondering whether the issue is related to handsets.

Thanks Steve! My phone is a Pixel 5 too. :slight_smile: It is a stock Android phone (I like it wery well), so I do not understand…

That’s very interesting, and I’ve used the fact as an excuse to contact Strava AGAIN. Based on previous issues, I doubt that the Pixel 5 connection is mere coincidence.