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Now that it’s about a year since Strava moved many features that were formerly free into the paid version, is there any consensus if it’s worth the subscription price?

My own opinion is that there’s enough value in the access to the leaderboards alone to justify the (fairly low) price. I think they’re moving in the right direction with some other changes - eg reinstating the HR monitor connection through phone and the introduction of fitness, fatigue and freshness metrics - that I can see that there’s some development & it’s not just paying for something that used to be free. Personally I’m not a big fan of all the kudos etc as it’s just a waste of time in my opinion.

I do think that the overall value proposition is finely balanced though and any price increase might cause a reevaluation.

Interested to hear other’s opinions.

It’s too much for me now it’s one price for the features i’d use.

The training / power information is better relayed in TrainerRoad or, tracking beacon is part of Wahoo and routing is better with turn by turn on Ride with GPS.

If it went back to packs I’d probably still sub just for leaderboards (with friends cos I’m not that fast to bother anyone else), I’d probably use routes too for the new auto route tool.

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Being able to hide heart rate and power from my spins made it worthwhile for me. I guess those parts are free anyway, but it made it a social app rather than a competitive one for me so I signed up for the year

My guess is it’s like a gym membership. Many if not most pay but never show up. The real value seems to arrive if and when the features are utilized. What I’m more interested in is seeing some mild analytics from the Strava laboratory showing who is using what feature and when. My semi-logical path of gym membership theory would lead to the assumption that if everyone showed up the gym would be over capacity.
If we all used all the premium features could the infrastructure handle it? Would it be more expensive? Less?

That said… I am indeed paying but am only tapping into a few of the premium features and am fine with the price.

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I agree with the gym membership structure, that Strava is making money off of people who pay but aren’t very active.

But all subscription services are the same way. And digital subscription bandwith is negligible compared with gym space.

What’s interesting with Strava is that there aren’t various levels of memberships, so a person who pays for a membership but just uses it as a social app (no training analysis, no leaderboard check in) would pay about the same for somebody who uses all the bells and whistles. Most other services charge much more for more premium services, but it seems from the outside that the model might be different at Strava to get the total subscriber base high by appealing to the mostly serious niche riders on that end of the long tail rather than the traditional pyramid structure (a lot of users for little money each, and few users with a lot of money each).

Strava was trying to be an all-in-one app for fitness and all sports, but it seems like it’s just the 1990s Microsoft for just cycling: the real serious people were with Unix and Linux (and super serious riders use other training apps), and everybody else used MS because that was just the default everybody was on, plus Apple had a tiny niche and sucked then.

I only use the free version and only automatically record my rides when my Garmin syncs. I stopped using Strava socially or actively tracking my rides when everybody else was having more fun than me because I was locked down and with two children under two.

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For me having recently moved to a new country, I’ve started playing around with the suggested routes feature on Strava and it has been really great. I’ve been able to piece together some new ‘local loops’ which whilst I could have mapped out myself on say RWGPS, it has just been really handy to use the strava app instead. It synchs automatically with my garmin headunit and away I go.

I get better training analysis from my Todays Plan subscription and see Strava as just a way of logging my rides.

Personally I footed up for the paid subscription as I want Strava to survive. It’s keeping me connected with my old riding mates back in Australia and I have enjoyed seeing their rides each day from the other side of the globe.


I have it. Do I use all the features? Nope. I do use some of the training features but unlikely to anywhere near their capacity. It has been one of my main ‘socials’, but like other parts of my digital existence, I’m deliberately cutting back and replacing with chocolate.

Routes alone makes it worth it. Having access to the heat map is super valuable, and has allowed me to create some great rides (and avoid some miserable roads). And the personal heat map is useful as well (though you can get that through It’s a much more useful heat map than you get through Garmin’s platform. And drawing the routes is downright enjoyable.

I originally subscribed for live segments. My Garmin Edge 130 doesn’t do a good job with them, and I haven’t used it that much. I imagine I will when I upgrade eventually, but the routes will keep me coming back.


I am on Strava every ride - two reasons (well, one is Garmin Connect, not Strava). I am blessed that I am at the pointy end. I have a number of local KOM and looking to get more. It is a great tool to see where I need to take seconds off of a given route and where I am in the real world against the rest of the planet. If I were a MOP, not so sure I would have as high of a perceived value.

No, non-paying ‘user’ here. I would use them a lot less if possible, however other companies rely on their syncing which is required for basic functionality. For example, the route for Wahoo rides to get synced to Trainerroad is through Strava. Other services have the same limitation.
I would very much like to remove Strava from my workflow and not be dependent on them, as they have proved willing to monetize previously free features. This is of course completely up to them, but given how they have done this in the past I dislike having to rely on them for syncing between other services. I’m somewhat surprised that other companies are willing to rely on Strava for key functionality (ie syncing from a head unit to another major service.)
Yes, I know I can manually do this for every ride, no I am not interested in doing that.

I would rather pay other services (and I do pay others) that do a better job - ie ride with GPS for routing (USA based), for analysis, etc. The only thing that Strava does better than other services imho is segments, and that is not worth the cost for me.

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I honestly continue to pay for Premium because I like knowing how my efforts compare to previous efforts on segments. I don’t really care about KOM’ing segments but knowing how I felt on a ride compared to some of my other fast times is a decent arbiter for general fitness.

I also enjoy the ability to take a ride & make it a route. Beyond that, I don’t care too much, though.


roy - wait, you mean a BUSINESS wanted to make a PROFIT? Say it isnt so…thank got restaurants are not like that as we all need to eat…

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I’m fine with them making money, I just dislike how they are essential to unrelated product services working. In my specific case Strava is required to have Wahoo sync to Trainerroad. This is really a failing of Wahoo and/or Trainerroad, and yes, I have brought this up with both those companies. Strava would to totally within their rights to start charging $20/month for syncing - this doesn’t mean I have to applaud that, or hope that they increase their profits by doing that. If Strava had a track record of caring about their users before they ran out of the VC money I’d likely have a different attitude toward them.

Roy - way out of my area. I have a Garmin (830 or some such thing, with the touch screen). I think that Garmin Connect (free) is doing what you have to pay others for. I have to admit I did almost no research at all before I got the Garmin, it is just what everyone I know uses (and has the ability to download TrailForks). We know for certain that TrailForks is no longer free (and works so terribly I removed the integration).

For me, Strava (paid) value became clear once my “Free 90 Days” expired. Plus, I love to see where I am on certain segments by the year (some KOM are impossible as they are so old and HAD to be set on motor cycles or the trails have changed that much in the years).

I’m a TrainerRoad (paid), (paid), Garmin Connect, and RideWGPS (paid) user, so I’m more than willing to pay for value. I just didn’t see any added value in the paid Strava features.


I like the leaderboards and live segments.

I figure it’s still less than a pint of beer a month (in a pub, this may be more a reflection on rising beer prices than anything else). I’d rather pay than become the product and have too much sponsored content.

I do like some of the challenges that come with genuinely useful discounts though (Stolen Goat for example).

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Also, in the case of and RidewithGPS these are both small, bootstrapped companies, no venture capital that I am aware of. Both of these places have been interested in their users from early on in their development - I have had positive interactions with both organizations. I’m much happier supporting organizations like these than Strava given Strava’s track record of caring about users interests (ie they did not when users where the product, and after they squandered all their VC money they now want us to be paying customers to help them provide the VCs return on investment.)

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Personally I’m more than happy to pay for Strava premium. It’s something I use almost every day, receive great value from, and a revenue model where user pays keeps Strava working for its users, not advertisers (which changes it completely). It’s more of a longsighted view rather than ‘what extra do I get’, but we all know what social media looks like when it’s the advertiser who pays and I like what Strava is doing and want to see it continue.


Yeh, I have no problem in paying for Strava, something I use everyday and find lots of utility from. TBH I don’t keep a track of what features are premium and which aren’t, it’s a good system and it’s useful to me.
It’s kinda like playing for Veloclub. CT has great content, and I’m happy to support it.


I’ve been a paying STRAVA user for a number of years and I have enjoyed the new developments and features. I am not a regular at the top of the leaderboards but I do race occasionally and I use almost all of the features. They are helpful. What I am enjoying the most is the developing ‘social’ aspect of the app. I have definitely seen an increase in the number of comments being made on rides and I have met several other cyclists that have become ride buddies and friends, through STRAVA.

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