Strava premium

Noooooooo! Please don’t ruin!


Exactly, this would ruin it. Right now is free to try different stuff, and is constantly improving/changing. I think it is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant field. Strava buying would change little to nothing about strava, and would result in being shut down - this story has played out many times with tech acquisitions…


I do use strava premium but usually cancel during winter. But I cancelled it recently and it is so bareboned now without paying its almost useless. I think the free user base will leave and look for alternatives. I am happy paying through summer as I use the leaderboards I like to track my progress through the year but in winter I do not really need it as much.

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This is my perspective. Some aspects of the paid are nice, but I get good analysis through trainerroad (paid of course), (paid), and WKO5 (still figuring this one out…) I do route planning with ridewithgps (paid), which does that very well. It’s hard for me to pay for Strava on top of this given the marginal utility gain that they provide. Their new route planner is supposed to be much better now, and if so I could maybe do strava instead of ridewithgps for that, but for the same utility I’d rather give my money to ridewithgps.
The main thing that I’m missing the the segments, and easy segment analysis. WKO5 has this with smart segments, but I need to add those myself. In reality, I don’t care about that many segments, and it’s not too bad to add them, although the WKO5 interface is not that good for this.

Did anyone reply to your message about beacon in Wahoo? There is such a feature. You turn it on through the Wahoo App. It’s handy when I am meeting ride friends as I can see where they are if they are running late.

I use it (premium) to plan routes, which I find useful. The ability to copy others’ routes (if they make them public) is also handy. For training data, I use Training Peaks. I’ll never get a KOM on the more popular segments; I’m 40 and there are some pros who train in the area, but I enjoy comparing my times to theirs (in the full knowledge that my flat-out sprint for 29th/9234 probably compares to their standard training ride :rofl: ) On balance, it’s worth it.

I have just have some quibbles with Strava, in that there are some easy features that (for me) would greatly increase its facility:

  1. Folders to sort and categorise planned routes (I use statshunter for this, but it’s clunky - though free)
  2. A route generator on the desktop, as well as the mobile app
  3. Clearer demarcation of dual carriageways (possibly a bit much, but it would be handy in the UK, and would avoid consulting a map as well when planning routes in areas you don’t know)
  4. A quick tool for changing the start and end point of circular loops
  5. A route planner which allowed you to choose segments to include

Thank you, sounds fit to my needs

I use Strava premium, though probably more for regular features.

I had originally logged in with Facebook. When my Facebook account was hijacked last year, Strava support actually helped me change my account to a different email address.