Stupid HRM!

Eugh… I’m onto my third Wahoo Tickr in under a year and I’ve really had enough of them. Wahoo is really good about replacing them under warranty but…

So, I’m 99% sure I can buy a non-Wahoo HRM and connect it. Is this true? I’m thinking about tracking down either a Garmin one or a Polar one tomorrow. (I have a gran fondo on Sunday and I’d kinda like to know my heart data.)

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Polar used to be great but I’m unsure these days as I don’t bother with a heart rate monitor anymore.

Get an optical unit like a Scosche Rhythm24. Comfortable, accurate, reliable

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Yeah, I got a Scosche a few years back, after about 4 Garmin chest straps had failed on me.

The added bonus is that you don’t need to get undressed, when you’ve put all your kit on, and subsequently realised you’ve forgotten to put on the hrm* :grinning:

*I usually still need to get undressed, as I need a :poop:, just as I’m heading out of the door

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Looking at the images on the Scosche site… you’re supposed to wear it on your arm (not wrist), right? Does it ever slide down your arm? How does it stay put?

The Scosche band is adjustable and elastic/stretchy and I haven’t had problems with sliding when worn over my bicep. I have the Rhythm+ and I prefer it so much over the various (polar, wahoo, garmin) chest straps I used over the years. I believe it can be worn on the forearm but I already have enough strange bicycling related tan lines already.

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Mine came with two straps - I tend to use the shorter one, on my wrist. It’s a while since I used the longer one to be honest, but it stayed up, even on my noodle arm

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Polar H10. Or save some money and get an H9. Indestructible, long battery life, connect to anything.


"Connecting to anything ". Really? Also to an old Garmin Edge500 head unit?

My Tickr also gave me problems. I bought a chest strap from a third party seller, it fit the Tickr, and I’ve had no problems since (except it goes through battery a little faster).

Is it Bluetooth or ANT?

Then I would be surprised it it doesn’t.

It connects to my crappy old laptop using a cheap Bluetooth adapter. It connected to an old SRM PC vi.

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The Garmin Edge500 has Ant+
I’m asking because my Garmin chest strap broke and I bought a used old one which somehow connects but doesn’t show the correct heart rate.
So by the way: do you know how to code/comnect a new Garmin chest strap to a Garmin head unit? I mean anything other than the automatic connection made by the head unit.

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I would use the Polar phone app to check the ANT+ code, then make sure the Garmin picked it up. Outside of PerfPro, I’ve never needed to hard code an ANT+ connection so not sure how that would work with the 500.

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And you can even use CR2032 in them instead of the CR2025 it comes with to further extend its battery life.

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It’s rumoured this will void the warranty, unfortunately. As will using a wall charger rather than a laptop to charge the OH1, although you can argue this one as it was not expressly forbidden in the manual.


Yes it will work with a 500. Just choose the hr sensor in the settings

I wear mine (actually a Rhythm+ 2.0) on the outer bicep area. Doesn’t move, and usually fits under a short sleeve jersey if the sleeves aren’t too short

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I use a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Head unit and have had two Wahoo Tickr’s fail over the last couple of years. After the 2nd unit failed a friend in the industry told me that they are notoriously unreliable. I swapped to a Garmin HRM which is fully compatible with the Wahoo head unit. Haven’t had a problem since.

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Just to give an opposing data point. I had a Garmin HRM in service for maybe 8 years, with the stock strap being replaced by a Polar strap over time. Had issues in the last year or so, a new strap/batteries didn’t help, so I got a Tickr X (Gen 2 I guess?) and no problems so far. Eight years is a good run though.

I jumped on the Scosche Rhythm+ when it came out and still have one (lost my original one) but only use it as a last resort as I feel it’s not as responsive to changes and more susceptible to movement (e.g. sprinting).

My husband found his old Garmin HRM and I found my old Garmin strap so that will do for the moment. But wearing it today reminded me how much I hated those straps! It’s a problem for future me. :woman_shrugging:

The Scosche Rhythm+ sounds great but I always have my arms covered so it’d potentially be tricky for me. I rarely ride with uncovered arms, having already had a pre-cancerous mole removed.

You could look at the Polar Verity Sense for your particular needs. I have the old version of this, the OH1 and it is excellent. It comes with an arm strap and I use that for running but for cycling I just tuck it in the leg of my shorts. It’s optical so it only needs to be against your skin, it doesn’t matter where (those capillaries get everywhere!). It’s only about the size of a quarter (or ten pence piece) and about 6-7mm thick. I’ve experienced bulletproof ANT+ or Bluetooth connection to multiple devices (Garmin, COROS, iPhone). Even used it under a wetsuit for triathlons.