Stupid HRM!

The Scosche works fine under clothes - I live in NW England, so my arms won’t be seeing daylight till April now, but the scosche has always worked under layers

+1 for the Polar Verity Sense. I have also used the OH1 for years and absolutely rock solid. Unlike chest straps it won’t lock on to running cadence early on either.

(making sweeping assumptions on basis of the use of word husband…) I’ve seen sports bras with built in HR mounts with the “press stud” fittings that the likes of Garmin use -I know Decathlon did them. Could be worth a Google if you have a functional sensor but hate the strap.

There is a long post on weightweenies and it’s clear wahoo HRM are crap and the consensus is Polar H10.


The Polar H10 is reliable and will connect to anything. You just need to turn on ANT+ via the Polar app. Once done, your Garmin or Wahoo head unit will tell you the battery condition.
The Polar straps are great and can also use them for a Garmin HRM.

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Yep. Went through two tickrs and then bought a polar h10 and haven’t had a problem since.
I’ve heard it’s actually the strap not the pod that keeps failing in the tickrs, but the outcome is the same. Junk.

Funny how these things go. I had no end of issues with Garmin HR straps etc (and Garmins) - changed to Wahoo and esentially issue free.


This is an unexplained scientific phenomenon, known as “the bib shorts effect”.


I had a Tickr and it failed. I now use a Garmin (the cheaper one) with no issue, changing batteries and adjusting the strap is more of faff but it’s been reliable. Connects fine with my Bryton head unit and phone.

For what it’s worth, this is the replacement strap I got for my Tickr, and it’s worked great since:

Seems like a waste to get a whole new sensor when the problem is just with the strap.

It’s not the strap that’s the problem, it’s the actual Tickr. It’s the third one that’s failed on me in a year. So I now have two spare straps…

I’ve had a string of Garmin and Tickr failures and ended up getting à Décathlon house brand that is less elegant but just works every time.

Really? On a Polar? Mine has started going through batteries like crazy, only lasts about a month and a half with 2025’s. I didn’t know you could use a 2032.

Garmin premium has the most comfortable strap but the battery door is a scam. It has four teeny screws and one of them always strips, it’s a ridiculous system and they are not cheap. Happened on two units before I switched to Polar where the battery door easily just pries open.


A 2032 is a 2025 with more capacity. It’s therefore a little thicker. The other dimensions and electrical properties are identical.

I checked whether the 2032 is too thick for the battery compartment for the H10 by measuring the thickness of the device with a 2025 and then a 2032 installed and the battery door closed. The difference was hardly measurable (<0,1 mm). Then I submerged the H10 into a glass of water in order to find out whether the seal still does its job. It does. Mine is still going strong with the 2032. I haven’t noticed any differences despite the fact that I have to replace the battery significantly less often.

Good to know!

I have had 2 or 3 failures with Garmin. I now have a Hammerhead and it seems to be of much higher quality.

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I agree.

The one corner of mine cracked and I now use electrical tape to hold it together.

I have Polar H10, and had it for years In the past I went through Tickr and multiple Garmins. They just don’t last. Polar is a far better HRM than those.