Superstrata podcast - kickerstarter bike - sounds like junk!

After hearing the Superstrata podcast, I was curious and started checking out the Superstrata user forum on Facebook.

Wow, so many horror stories. The carbon manufacturing technology may be interesting but it’s clear that Superstrata doesn’t know how to design bikes or be a bike company. Many of the new owners don’t seem to be bike nerds and are having QA problems like brake calipers falling off. It sounds like at minimum one needs to check every bolt and then tune the bike after delivery.

People are also complaining about the short front center and large toe overlap. The geometry doesn’t seem to be the greatest design.

Looked at the website. Kind of don’t get the point of this. Their ICP is obviously well heeled lululemon basketball shorts and on cloud sneaker people and that group doesn’t seem to need or want custom geometry. What’s the issue with traditional hard tail MTB carbon fiber construction for this use case anyways? Certainly would be plenty durable. Why no seat tube? Suspension? What’s the point of this much suspension if it isn’t tuned to the rider weight?

Yep, I’m in the middle of the review right now, and it’s quite clear Superstrata isn’t a bike company.


Yeah I turned off the pod midway through. Well intended and the tech may be good in years to come but this felt like a waste of time on all fronts

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The only realistic advantage I can think of for the lack of seat tube is that it’s easier to put over your shoulder to carry up a flight of stairs. Not sure how much of a suspension effect you’d get. That frame weighs almost as much as a steel frame, so there’s a LOT of carbon there.

They certainly aren’t targeting experienced cyclists. I think most of us would like a little more detail than just “gears: single/multiple” or “tires: road/gravel”. (Both of the gearing options are a $349 add on. I guess otherwise it’s an adult balance bike?) It looks like an AliExpress build kit which doesn’t really belong on a $3000+ bike.

I think this is ultimately more about looks than anything else, and it’s being sold to people who don’t know much about bikes and appreciate having it dumbed down. I think it’s a good thing they are making efforts to be approachable to newcomers, but using that to pass off crappy components and questionable spec choices (42T with 11-28 for a beginner???) doesn’t help anyone.

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This is their high quality paint prep shop!

At least the laborers are wearing masks.

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I tried listening to the podcast, but abandoned the attempt when I realised that the company has no idea what it wants to be.

When the person being interviewed says that the tech is perfect to be able to do fast turn around prototype parts, but then a few minutes later says he doesn’t want to do that, he wants to do high volume production, but they can’t, I gave up.

Normally I love the deep dive episodes, but this time when James asked his (as usual, well researched questions) the interviewee had no clue, and just blabbed marketing wank.