TdF 2022: Second rest day review/thoughts?

So, how are we all feeling as we enjoy a night/day off from watching the TdF?

2 days ago there was a lot of doom and gloom about the surety of Pog winning his 3rd GC comfortably. And that might - obviously - still happen.

However, if someone told me before the opening ITT that Jonas would be less than 40 seconds behind Pog, and that Ineos would have 3 riders in the top 7, at the second rest day, I would have taken that. Heck, with Rog’s recent luck at TdFs, I would have taken him still being in the race at this point, let alone 2’52" off the pace.

I was quick to get all a little permissitic after Pog got his second stage win, but taking stock of how things sit now, I think we might end up having a good GC battle after all.

I think it’s shaping up nicely. Pog possibly can win without his team but UAE does seem weak. Ineos have been very quiet so it’s possible that either they’re stretched already or that they’re waiting until Pog is without teammates and exposed.
Otherwise, WvA is killing it so far and making the tour fun to watch.

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There has really only been one true GC (Super Planche) and a couple of middling stages where something “could” have happened….and Pog has managed to take time on his rivals on every single one of them (either through time bonuses or actual gaps).

And even Super Planche wasn’t that hard of a stage….one brutal final climb, but that is about it. And it is a relatively short climb as mountains go, so it can be difficult to get big time gaps.

COVID and the heat this week will have their infuse en on the race, but Pog right now is comfortably in control and basically cruising.

Covid will probably visit 1 or 2 GC riders before the end of the mountain stages and that will be game over for them even if they try to start the stages. Incubation period takes a few days. The only question mark is who will get it?