TDF Commentary Boring

Does anybody else think that this years SBS TDF commentary is bland compared to previous years? I have no doubt that Simon and Bridie are very knowledgeable but they just sound like robots on repeat in my opinion.


Ive been listening to the Nico Roche and Ant McCrossan on the Peacock app…and I think they have been great! Love listening to Nicos peloton knowledge having raced for the best team of his era.


Yup, Nico’s insights are on point and he reads the race well (almost always), in hindsight sez this couch potato! The two make a good team.


ITV4 coverage and their highlights are the best I’ve found.

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ITV have the better commentators but the overall coverage is better on Eurosport.

As much as my childhood memories hate myself for saying it, Orla Chennaoui is a better host than Gary Imlach and stuff like Wiggins on a bike are fun additions.

Carlton Kirby though is utterly dreadful.


I actually like Carlton Kirby. Maybe it’s because my other option for years has been NBC’s approach of “here is what a bicycle race is”, and Kirby’s is “you all know how this works, so I’ll make a few jokes”. But when you’ve got hours of audio to fill, you have to have a little fun, and when action happens, I think he rises to the occasion.

And I think the rest of Eurosport’s lineup is enjoyable to listen to. I am disappointed that Matt Stephens doesn’t get more prominent placement; in that epic Amstel a few years ago, he for sure had the best call of the finish.


Kirby has no idea how bike racing works, contrast that to either David Miller or Rob Hatch and it’s glaring. Also a bit like Phil Liggett he can’t ID a rider to save his life.

His sense of humour is Marmite, I can’t stand it personally. His silly little nicknames for riders and his need to fill every second of airtime gets on my goat.


I like Kirby as well, I know how the race works and appreciate the jocularity and intensity during the day despite him being not the most technically proficient. He reminds me of listening to John Sterling on the radio as a Yankee fan, John is starting to wind it down a little bit and he’s missed a lot of calls over the last few seasons but I’m always bummed when it’s a different guy commentating even if that guy is technically better.


I tolerate Kirby. He’s not my favourite, but I don’t groan and sigh when he’s on. That said, I can understand why others feel that way.

I can’t get GNC+ to work with my Nord VPN for the TdF. It’s strange, as I can use the VPN for other geo-restricted races.

I’ve tried SBS, but I really do struggle with it. I’ve gotten to the the point where I go to bed early, get some sleep, and then watch the extended highlights on GNC+ (which aren’t geo-restricted) in the morning before work.

I might have to try the itv live stream with Nord to see if I can listen to Dave, Pete and Ned. I have been listening to their pod (Never Strays Car), and it’s been great. They do it in their car on way to hotel (hence the name), and they’ve managed to get both Cav and Piddock on. Some funny stuff, but also very insightful.

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Have to admit, I prefer watching the extended highlights, for stages I don’t stay up for, on GCN+ rather than on SBS this year. The SBS commentary team seems pretty flat. Contrast the finish of the Arenberg stage where Clarke won, the SBS team were so neutral / dull, while the GCN / Eurosport team really nailed it.


I definitely agree. I think that SBS has lost their punch this year. Might have to check out GCN+


Remember GCN don’t have TdF (live) rights in Australia. We can only see the highlights packages.

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No. Dr O’Donnell knowledgeable, Gerrans some insider insights and Keenan the rhythm section.


Years ago my wife watched Simon Gerrans interact with children/fans at the Australian championships and said he was fantastic and how impressed with him she was. The other night she said “they have gotta get rid of Gerrans as a commentator”. I kind of agree. I like Bridie O’Donnell but agree the 3 combined is a bit bland, in my view.

Gee I wonder what is missing, is it some firecracker ex sprinter. I think it is.


you get the long highlights unrestricted? i only get offered the short highlights unfortunately


No, the long highlights are there. (I’m in Australia).

However, they are “hidden”.

On the GCN app | Race TV, the 2022 TDF will display at top.

When i click on ‘See All’ link, extended highlights are listed.

I do note the extended highlights are not featured on the Race TV homepage.

Give that a go. :slightly_smiling_face:


I find Simon Gerrans pretty intolerable. And his mispronounciations of teams, names, places is starting to irk — he’s like the anti Rob Hatch. Plus, Gerrans really seems to be trying hard to be saying the right thing, laugh at Keenan’s jokes, but he comes across as corny and a bit artificial/robotic.


cheers for that. great tip

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I’ve got a man crush on Rob Hatch. Could listen to him all day.


GCN still worth it IMO, even taking this into account. Their weekly shows and docos are great, on top of all live racing action.