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I’ve made some very critical comments about Outside+ in the “Dane Cash Gone!” thread regarding the weekly pod, and just wanted to say that the daily coverage of the Tour has been excellent across the board. I doubt that Iain wants to be a regular component to the pod, but it’s spectacular how his irreverent yet meticulous perspective has inspired the rest of the crew to let down their guard and just have fun. I’ve listened to every Tour daily pod starting in 2018, and this year is better than ever. I still wish that Dane was also distilling things from a race perspective, and I wish that Jose’s segment still had the beatnik upright bass line… but I have to give credit where credit is due. Well done, keep up the good work.


Seconding everything said here. The pods are absolutely wonderful.

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Also, maybe due to being in person or just some “liquid courage” but Johnny has been a revelation on the daily Tour pods.
He’s sooooo much better, relaxed, informative and cheeky than on the weekly show. His “chebs out” comments are legitimately LOL worthy.
Great work from a great crew at a GREAT edition of tour.



I am fucking LOVING the zany pods


Yep, it’s a good batch of pods this time for sure

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Yep, have loved the Daily Pods. I’ll be honest, I gave up on the weekly pods a couple of months ago. Not because of Dane being moved on, but more because I just didn’t have enough commute hours in the day to listen to all my pods.

For me, at least, these pods have introduced me to Johnny - the person, and not just Johnny - the journalist. It’s been brilliant to see him shine, and I know get where he’s coming from when he does his more light-hearted pieces on CT.

I know just need to find the time post tour to continue listening to the pod.


:raised_hands: Glad you all are enjoying them.


In terms of the pilgrimages, more Jose, less Johnny…LOL. Love the pods and the entire crew. Nicely formulated as the back half needs more banter once the new tech stories run their course.

I am enjoying the fun Daily Pods BTW—on the topic of Waiting for “the Boy King” after his crash yesterday-Jonas gets kudos for fair play & being a good sport—but, would Tadej have waited for him if the roles were reversed—hmmm, we will never know. But I say he likes to win so he might have kept rolling

Shout out to all the inhabitants of Paddington. Loving the daily insights and also the bizarre rambles!

Just for absolute clarity as a UK resident I feel you should challenge @jonny.long citizenship. Some of the suggested English slang is certainly new to me despite 52 years of hearing many!

Keep up the good work and filling my ears with news, fun and complete rubbish :clap::clap:


The podcasts are great, the spoilers in the episode titles are not. Please respect that people have day (and night) jobs and can’t always watch the Tour contemporaneously. Had to unfollow so that I can listen to non-cycling podcasts without having spoilers in my face.

You’re professional writers - you can find creative ways to refer to the stage without describing the fortunes of riders or teams.


Couldn’t agree more. Always love the pods but these last 20 days have been spectacular!


I’ve really enjoyed the segments from the road side of the race, it gives a different perspective that you don’t really get watching the trace in TV or from reading articles.

Gotta agree with @Nathaniel_Dixon…while there weren’t a lot of spoiler titles, there really was no need for them. A simple Stage XX Recap title suffices.

Or like “Battle on the Hautacam” or “The Peloton Sizzles”. There are infinite ways to set the stage without referring to the fortunes of specific riders and teams.

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I open my laptop in the same way everyone used to pick up the daily paper at the newsstand back before the internet. The news is the headline- the journalists’ job is to deliver the news, not to cater to your personal work schedule.

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Maybe you’re confused about the subject matter. I’m not talking about a news site. If I was going to, you would have a point. But we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about podcasts. Only a small subset of podcasts are about news. If I open my phone and want to listen to ANY podcast, the latest podcasts I’m subscribed to are automatically pushed to the front. That means that if I want to listen to ANYTHING, e.g. to keep me awake on the way home from work, it’s almost impossible to avoid the titles without unsubscribing. If CyclingTips wants me to unsubscribe so to avoid spoilers, well, that’s what they achieved.

This is not a novel or unusual request, particularly for sports podcast. Look at The Move. No spoilers in titles. Does the spoiler in the title add anything to the experience? Not really.

Relatedly, if you’re wondering why your friends and family are annoyed with you a lot of the time, let me solve the mystery for you: it’s comments like this.


You’re correct, it’s not an unusual request and most people can make their own decisions about which content to consume without prior consent regarding podcast titles.

fully agreed and I’d add – please, more Jose! Love the culture, geography, food, cheese, etc… really enjoyed the TdF pods.

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Whether one agrees or disagrees, your points above the quoted section were well-stated & added to the conversation. The ad hominem attack did not & cheapens the value you brought to the discussion.