The 1 Million feet (304,800 meters) of Vert Challenge. Can you do it!?

What’s up everyone?!

Like so many of these made up challenges, I came up with one myself too this year because I didn’t know how many of my races would be cancelled due to COVID (turns out, it was about 1/5th of them) and I wanted something to keep me motivated throughout the season. So instead of just a one-off like the Everesting Challenge (which is bloody hard BTW!) I came up with something that would challenge me throughout the season. Just a few basic rules below:

  • The 1M ft. of vert challenge must be completed within a calendar year (01/01-12/31)
  • All efforts/activities must be outdoors
  • Efforts cannot be done virtually (sorry Zwifters, treadmill runners, and stair master aficionados)
  • No assists from e-bikes, e-skis (e.g. chairlifts), e-shoes (e.g. escalators)
  • Pick your human-powered poison (bikes, backcountry skis, shoes)

I’m almost there, less than 2,000ft left!


Do you mind if I go downhill instead? That, I can do.

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Haha! There is a lot of down to this challenge too…you just have to go up first. :smiley:

There is a good article on Pinkbike about Ben Hildred doing it - Photo Story: Ben Hildred Climbs 1 Million Feet in Just 200 Days in 'Forced Habits' - Pinkbike

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Thanks for the share! Yeah, many of my friends can’t really contemplate 1M ft of vert in year but this article puts how much work and planning you have to do to get it. I didn’t do a single “flat” ride, nordic ski, and you can’t really do flat backcountry skiing. You also have to have some luck on your side in avoiding injury or sickness.

For me personally, being an almost a pure sprinter (71kilos, 1.72m), I had to be really judicious about any and all of my activities cause I simply don’t go up hill all that fast. Which is why it took me 304 days to accomplish!